Rug shopping guide: how to buy the right luxury rug for your specific decorating needs?

DesignLuxury rugs Jul 21.2023
Rug shopping guide

Today we are sharing a real rug shopping guide. Indeed, choosing the perfect carpet for a home is not an easy task. There are many considerations to be made in order to be able to make the right decisions, as there are many compromises to be made. In order to be able to identify which models of textile artefacts are the perfect ones for your interior design project, it is important to spend time analysing your needs and the tastes of those living in your home.

When you are considering the purchase of a luxury carpet, then, you must always remember that this product not only performs a practical function, but also represents a very important resource for expressing your style and adding a touch of personality to your environment.

Step 1 of the rug shopping guide: what kind of pattern do you need?

When buying a carpet you need to have clear ideas. To arrive at a correct decision, it is useful to first consider the overall style of the home. The identity that you have chosen to give each space simplifies the choice of carpets, because it makes it easier to orient yourself towards a specific style or design.

For an elegant and well-balanced result it is advisable to choose a carpet that in terms of colour and design is able to blend in with the existing furnishings and fit in with the general atmosphere of the room. In a home furnished in a classic or vintage style, for example, one might consider inserting a Persian or, more generally, an Oriental carpet. Conversely, those who have chosen a modern or Nordic décor may consider choosing a piece with a minimal design, characterised by simple shapes and cold or neutral colours.

The design of the carpet can greatly influence the final result. There are plenty of options to choose from: those who want to give their furnishings an elegant feel may consider the elaborate floral designs that characterise Persian carpets, for example, while those who want to focus on originality may consider contemporary art models, characterised by the presence of geometric, abstract designs or interpreting more traditional designs in an original way.

Rug shopping guide

Step 2 of the rug shopping guide: a standard or custom-made piece?

Choosing the correct size of the carpet is another aspect to consider. In addition to accurately measuring the space to be occupied by the carpet, the size and shape of the product should be considered. It is important that the result is proportional: placing a carpet that is too small in a very large room may overshadow the design of the carpet, while, on the other hand, choosing a model that is too large risks stealing attention from the furniture and creating a stuffy and unwelcoming environment.

Assessments of size should go hand in hand with those of the shape of the carpet. In standard pieces, the shapes most commonly found are rectangular and round. Square and oval shapes are also less common but still considered traditional.

Any other tips for our rug shopping guide? Along with size, the shape of the piece can also change the overall look of the room. Square shapes, for example, can help define spaces and, especially in an open-plan environment, are a valuable resource for delimiting multiple areas used for different purposes. Rounded shapes, on the other hand, give the room a softer look and are suitable if you want to convey a feeling of openness.

In addition to considering standard dimensions and shapes, one can also consider requesting the production of a custom-made carpet. In this case, the proportions of the item and the shape can be customised, even going so far as to request a model with an unusual or irregular shape. Custom-made carpets are not only suitable if one has specific needs related to the size or shape of the space to be furnished, but can also be dictated by the desire to give a precise style to the room.

The choice between one solution and another is simply dictated by your personal taste and the type of result you want to achieve.

Rug shopping guide

Step 3 of the rug shopping guide: the importance of relying on an experienced manufacturer

A rug shopping guide cannot be said to be complete if it does not also consider the choice of textile manufacturer to rely on.

When evaluating a manufacturer, the most important aspects to consider are the quality of the materials used, the experience gained over the years and the choice of locations to have the carpets physically manufactured.

Ensuring that the manufacturer uses durable, strong and high-quality materials guarantees a carpet that will last and retain its original appearance. Both materials of vegetable origin, such as cotton, jute or sisal, and yarns of animal origin, such as wool or silk, can be used to make luxury carpets.

A manufacturer with years of experience behind him can offer a service and advice and can follow the selection process in all its phases. From this point of view, the ability to listen and understand the customer’s needs is essential to achieve an excellent result.

Finally, in order to understand the quality of the carpet and the production process, it is necessary to take into account where one chooses to produce the carpets. In this sense, it is important to check that the production processes are conducted in an ethical and sustainable manner, using environmentally sustainable and recyclable raw materials, respecting the work of craftsmen and not using pollutants in the production process.

Our rug shopping guide ends here. Now it’s your turn: make the right choice according to your project needs!

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