The rug for hall : what characteristics should it have and how should it be combined with other furnishings?

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 rug for hall

The choice of rug for hall  should be made with particular care. After all, the entrance hall is somewhat of a calling card of one’s home, and the way it is furnished contributes to forming the first impression on guests.

In order for this space to feel cosy, inviting and practical, it is essential to include an artefact that reflects one’s taste and harmonises with the interior design of the house.

Which type of rug for hall  is the most suitable depending on the situation?

The rug for hall  is both a decorative and a functional element. Besides adding a bit of colour and enhancing the aesthetics of the space, it provides a soft, comfortable surface to rest your feet on when putting on or taking off your shoes. It also helps protect floors from wear and tear.

To find the right rug for hall , it is very important to thoroughly analyse the space, starting with its dimensions. Usually, the carpets that are placed in this area of the house are small, both because they are more practical and because the available floor space is small.

In the case where the entrance directly faces the living area, one can think of furnishing it with an elongated artefact. In this case, guests are implicitly invited to continue their visit to discover the rest of the house.

Solidity is a priority aspect when choosing an rug for hall . From this point of view, it is necessary to select the best materials and processing techniques, i.e. those that achieve the desired texture and strength.

In general, hand-knotted  and woven carpets are preferable. In both cases, the products have a compact structure, which prevents dust and dirt from penetrating deep into the carpet, and makes it easier to maintain the original appearance of the product over time.


How to choose the right rug for hall ?

The first thing to consider when choosing an rug for hall  is the size of the model. Generally speaking, standard size pieces fit very well in this space of the house, whether it is a newly built home or an older building.

In homes furnished in a contemporary and eclectic style, one can also consider including an unusually shaped rug for hall . An original model with an eye-catching design can be an excellent solution to give the room personality without sacrificing practicality.

Also influencing the choice process is the location of the artefact. From this point of view, it is necessary to consider whether there are doors or passages to be left free, and whether the rug is to furnish a space that overlooks the living area or whether it is confined to a well-defined space. 

With regard to the materials to be used, it must always be kept in mind that the entrance area is one of the busiest spaces and that, for this reason, rugs that are durable and solid are needed. Wool is often the most suitable material, as it gives a warm look and resists wear perfectly. Two interesting and perfect alternatives for those who want to give their home a green and natural air are sisal and coconut fibres.

 rug for hall

In entrance furnishings, however, the game is played above all on the level of the design of the individual item. To find the perfect design, the structure of the space, the desired placement of the carpet and the brightness of the room in which the piece is placed must be taken into account.

What are the best designs for an rug for hall ?

The carpet designs available to those who wish to give their home’s entrance area an uncluttered, elegant and cosy look are many and all can be adapted to a wide variety of environments.

Geometric carpets, for example, are one of the most versatile solutions of all. By playing with the dimensions, shapes and colours of lines and other figures, one can actually change the perception of space, making it appear larger or brighter, as the case may be.

Oriental carpets are also an excellent choice. This solution is ideal in spaces furnished with wooden furniture and, in general, in rooms with warm colours or a somewhat ethnic atmosphere.

For more modern spaces, the two best options are abstract carpets  and contemporary art carpets. In both cases, colour and design take centre stage. An artefact with an abstract design, in particular, proves to be the perfect choice for young environments and to liven up an entrance hall that has been furnished with furniture with essential lines and neutral colours. An rug for hall  that has been created as a work of contemporary art, on the other hand, is the most suitable for both Nordic and minimalist entrances as well as for entrances with a more sophisticated style.

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