Outdoor rugs patio patio: a guide to choosing the right model for your interior design project

Mar 31.2023
Outdoor rugs patio patio

The patio is among the most versatile outdoor spaces in the home: in this area you can relax, socialise, sunbathe or spend time alone or with other people.

With beautiful outdoor rugs patio, you can make this area even more cosy and comfortable, creating an ambience that perfectly reflects your taste. By carefully choosing the materials, shape and design of the individual carpet, you can achieve a result that is both elegant and personalised.

What are the best materials for outdoor rugs patio patio?

The material of the outdoor carpet is the first element to consider when choosing this patio furniture. There are several options to choose from, and each has advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed carefully so that the best decision can be made.

In the process of choosing the right material for the patio mat, you should be guided by your furnishing needs and the style you want to give to the patio itself.

Since this is a space that is outside the house, the most suitable materials for such carpets are synthetic fibres and, in particular, polypropylene, polyester and nylon. These materials are in fact very resistant and very easy to clean, as well as being waterproof and not fading easily. In addition, carpets come in a wide range of colours and designs, offering many options for customising your patio.

Those who have chosen natural furniture for their home or who want sustainable furniture for their patio can consider carpets made of plant-based materials, such as those made by weaving coconut or bamboo fibres. These outdoor patio mats are a good choice for outdoor spaces in general, as they are resistant to trampling, sun and stains, but can be damaged if they are exposed to moisture or weather frequently.

What shapes and sizes should be chosen for outdoor rugs patio patio?

If the material is the first choice to be made, the next step is to define the size and shape of the outdoor patio mat. Taken together, these three characteristics define the appearance of the product and make it possible to create a patio with a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere.

To be able to precisely define the size of the carpet, it is very important to consider the size of the space to be furnished and the arrangement of the different elements in the patio. For example, in a large sheltered patio with a dining table in the middle, you might consider installing a round or rectangular rug, to be placed under the table. For a smaller patio, on the other hand, furnished with sofas and armchairs, consider a square or oval rug to define the boundaries of the relaxation area and make the room more welcoming.

Size plays a very important role in defining the appearance of outdoor rugs patio patio and, consequently, the aesthetics of the design. The shape can also change the appearance of this space in the home, giving it a more or less traditional air.

The shapes most frequently used are rectangular and square: outdoor carpets of this type fit perfectly into patios and allow the right proportions between spaces to be maintained.

Those who want to deviate slightly from tradition might consider round or oval rugs, which can give a more elegant and sophisticated touch to the patio, or rugs with irregular shapes, which are perfect if you want to emphasise the contrast between the rug and the geometrically shaped objects in the décor.

Outdoor rugs patio patio

How to furnish a terrace with one or more outdoor rugs patio?

The design of outdoor rugs patio patio can be chosen by taking into account the style of the area to be furnished or the room to be created. On a patio furnished in a Mediterranean style, for example, one could place a textile with mosaic or blue and white striped motifs, while for a modern style patio, the best choice would be a piece with clean lines and neutral colours.

In some cases, a more elaborate design can be chosen so that the carpet becomes the focal point of the area. An artefact with a bold or very colourful design, for example, can immediately attract attention and become the main focus of the space. Such a solution can be particularly useful if the patio is small or if there are not many other furnishing elements on which to focus attention.

When defining the ideal characteristics of the carpet design, one can also take inspiration from the time of year when this space is most used or the intended use of the space. Those who like to spend time outdoors especially in the spring or autumn period can opt for a sober, pastel-coloured design. On the other hand, those who like to spend time outside to indulge in a creative hobby can opt for outdoor rugs patio  with a more lively, art-inspired design.

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