Mohair rugs: what are they and how to choose them?

Luxury rugs Jul 29.2022
Mohair rugs: what are they and how to choose them?

If you wish to have high-quality, particularly soft rugs in your home, mohair rugs are exactly what you need. Mohair wool fibres offer a number of advantages that make items made from this yarn a naturally high-value product of innate elegance.

Let us now learn more about mohair rugs, talking about their history, production techniques and their great qualities.

The indispensable properties of mohair wool

Mohair rugs are obtained by processing wool from Angora goats. Traditionally, these animals are reared in the highlands of Turkey, so much so that Angora goats are named after the Turkish capital, Ankara. More recently, herds have also sprung up in other geographical areas, notably in South Africa and Tibet, which provide wool of excellent quality.

Unlike other types of wool, such as sheep’s wool or cashmere, mohair wool is composed of fine, strong, naturally elastic threads with a lustrous finish. To the touch, this wool is very soft and fluffy, and warms very easily. The yarn obtained by weaving mohair wool also has excellent antibacterial properties and is a formidable thermal insulator.

Depending on the origin of the wool, yarn for mohair rugs is usually divided into two groups: mohair kid, obtained from the first shaving of the animal, and mohair, obtained from animals that have already been shaved. Mohair kid wool is the most valuable because it is even softer, shinier and warmer.

These characteristics make mohair wool a perfect yarn for making luxury rugs of excellent quality. Rugs can be made from 100% mohair wool, which is excellent if one wishes to make the most of the many benefits of this yarn, or one can mix mohair with other types of wool to create a carpet with a perfect balance of softness and durability.

On the basis of these observations, those who wish to have a high-quality carpet in their home can order, for example, a mohair-silk product. The combination of these two fibres results in precious rugs with a lustrous finish that will give a unique look to the room in which they are placed.

Mohair rugs: what are they and how to choose them?

What are the reasons for choosing mohair rugs?

The softness of the yarn is one of the main reasons for choosing a mohair wool carpet. While sheep’s wool rugs are elegant and durable, the yarn is not particularly soft. Especially for those who like to walk barefoot on rugs, this can be considered a minor flaw. On the contrary, with mohair rugs this problem does not exist, because the fibres are velvety. This quality of the yarn can already be appreciated in knotted rugs and even more so in hand tufted and long pile rugs.

As mentioned, mohair rugs are also loved for the natural lustre of the fibres, which is reminiscent in some ways of silk. In particular, it is rugs made from undyed wool and light-coloured rugs that allow this particularity of the yarn to be fully appreciated.

Despite being a fine, soft fibre, mohair wool is very durable. This means that mohair rugs can be used to furnish even the busiest rooms in the home, such as the living room and kitchen.

Mohair rugs: what are they and how to choose them?

How to furnish your home with one or more mohair wool rugs?

A mohair carpet naturally creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Simply place such an artefact next to the sofa, in the reading area or in the home study to carve out a space of great comfort and relaxation.

Because of the quality of the wool and this ability to create a very cosy ambience, mohair rugs are also perfect in the bedroom. In this space, there are many options to consider: in addition to a large rug to be placed in the centre of the room, bedside rugs or long-pile round rugs could be used.

Although mohair rugs could theoretically be used to furnish all spaces in the home, it is still prudent to avoid the kitchen and bathroom, places where luxury rugs are most prone to staining and damage due to moisture.

Choosing to furnish with mohair rugs allows you to demonstrate your passion for luxury furniture and interior design. The versatility of mohair wool means that pieces can be created in a traditional style, with a more modern flavour or with a minimalist design. Furthermore, thanks to the design of custom-made rugs, everyone can define the specific characteristics of the final product and choose the most suitable solutions for their own home that best enhance the qualities of the yarn.

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