The mid-century carpet: what is it? What does it look like? How to match it with the furnishings of the individual room?

Design Nov 24.2023
mid-century carpet

The mid-century carpet is an interesting rediscovery by interior designers. They are specifically textile artefacts that were initially produced between the 1950s and the 1960s and are characterised by the use of organic shapes, bold colours and clean, simple lines.

Precisely because of these characteristics, these pieces are suitable for modern and contemporary furniture and can give them a sophisticated and classy look.

What are the distinguishing features of a mid-century carpet?

The mid-century style is so called because it dates back to the post-World War II period, a period characterised by a very high level of creativity and dynamism. This air of novelty and desire for change also extended to the world of design and architecture. Alongside furniture solutions that focused on practicality and the ability to meet emerging living needs, a new design style emerged, which went down in history as the mid-century.

This style influenced interior design in all its expressions, from furniture to accessories and decoration. One of the most interesting pieces of furniture belonging to the mid-century style are carpets, which stand out due to their graphic patterns and bold colours.

A typical mid-century carpet features flowing, organic geometries and clean lines that create harmony in the room, without elaborate decoration. Carpets can be abstract or take inspiration from natural elements such as ocean waves, flowers or branches.

The use of colour in mid-century carpet is very distinctive. Typically, these carpets have a neutral base on which bright decorations and colour accents stand out. The stark contrast between the background colour and the bright hues used for the designs gives these pieces a strong decorative power. Some of the colours commonly found in authentic mid-century carpets are orange, teal blue, powder blue, mustard yellow and green.

mid-century carpet

What material to choose for a mid-century carpet?

If you want to furnish your home with a mid-century carpet, you should bear in mind that you can either choose to purchase an original artefact or opt for a modern carpet  that reproduces the typical design of this style. The first solution is suitable for those who want to furnish their home with period elements and perhaps want to combine the artefact in question with furnishings from the period. The second choice may be right for those who love the mid-century style but need a made-to-measure carpet, for example, or wish to have a new product in their home.

Whichever decision is made, attention must be paid to the type of material used to make these carpets. In most cases, mid-century carpets are made of wool or cotton. The benefits offered by these materials are the same as for products that come in different styles.

Wool is ideal if you want to create a warm atmosphere and want to insulate the floor, while cotton is more suitable for a cooler, more modern context. Both solutions are, however, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Moreover, they have a versatility that allows them to adapt to different rooms in the home.

Which furnishing styles suit mid-century carpet?

mid-century carpet

When choosing a carpet, in addition to considering its size and shape, one must also consider how it matches the existing furniture.

The most natural match is between a mid-century carpet and mid-century furniture. As seen above, one can go for period furniture or choose modern elements. The most suitable carpet models for these combinations are those with rectangular or square shapes, abstract designs and large rectangular shapes.

Mid-century carpets also work very well when combined with vintage furnishings. Here too, a nod to the past is given with softer lines and colours typical of those years. For these rooms, one can opt for large, brightly coloured pieces that can become the main protagonists of the room.

A mid-century carpet can also be used to give personality to a room furnished with contemporary furniture. Especially if the furniture has light colours, the presence of such a distinctive-looking carpet creates a very interesting contrast.

Those in search of unusual and original solutions may consider incorporating mid-century carpets in an industrial design context. By working on the balance of colours, a splendid result can be achieved and, thanks to the presence of stylised decorative motifs, create a harmonious effect with the furniture and the room in general.

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