Luxury rugs for living room: how to choose the model that best suits your room?

Jun 28.2023
Luxury rugs for living room

Today’s post is dedicated to luxury rugs for living room. Let’s start by saying that, through luxury carpets , it is possible to give a unique touch to any living room, that is to say to what is one of the central rooms in home furnishing.

Generally, when this type of carpet is placed in the room, one wants to be able to exploit the ability of carpets to give the space a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and warm it up, even using traditional designs or warm colours.

Furnishing your living room with luxury carpets also offers several advantages from a practical point of view and allows you to customise the room in question in a unique way.

What are the advantages of luxury rugs for living room?

When considering which carpets to include in the room, it is a good idea to carefully analyse the characteristics of the room. In particular, it should be borne in mind that the living room is one of the busiest (and noisiest) spaces in the home. In this sense, luxury carpets are the ideal solution because, thanks to their ability to improve the acoustic insulation of the room, they make the space more cosy and comfortable.

Choosing a luxury carpet made of wool also allows the living room to be thermally insulated, so that the room is cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

In a busy room such as the living room it is important to include a carpet made of a durable and resistant yarn. This choice, on the one hand, allows the carpet to be used for a long time without fear of damage and, on the other hand, helps to protect the floor from daily wear and tear or scratches that can be caused by moving chairs, armchairs or furniture.

If you often walk barefoot in your home, luxury rugs for living room that have been made from soft yarns, such as high-quality wool or cotton, are preferable. The feeling of softness conveyed by this type of artefact improves the overall comfort of the room for all present.

Luxury rugs for living room

What should you consider when choosing the right luxury rug for your living room?

Thousands of models of luxury rugs for living room are available on the market, with a wide range of colours, designs and materials to choose from.

To find your way through the many options available, it is useful to clarify what the desired end result is. If the carpet is meant to add a feeling of softness and luxury to the room, then silk, viscose or velvet models are good alternatives to consider. If, on the other hand, you want to add a touch of modernity and originality to the room, it would be more appropriate to act on the design of the rugs, opting for abstract patterns or contemporary art rugs.

Secondly, it is necessary to assess the size of the room and identify the ideal position in which to place the carpet. In terms of size, it is necessary to choose a carpet that is large enough to cover the area occupied by the table and chairs or that covers the floor of the area occupied by the sofa.

For an optimal result, one must then take into consideration the style of the room and choose a carpet that is consistent with it.

Matching luxury rugs for living room to the rest of the furniture in the room: how to do it?

In order to be able to match luxury rugs for living room with the furniture in the room, a few small tricks must be taken in order to find the perfect combination that ensures the creation of a cosy and sophisticated ambience.

Firstly, it is important to consider the general atmosphere in the home. In a context where modern furnishings are present, one can opt for a Nordic-style carpet or give movement to the space with a geometric or abstract design. In homes where traditional furnishings are present, an Oriental luxury carpet or an ethnic model can be considered for the living room.

Luxury rugs for living room

What determines the success or otherwise of the furniture choice is often the colours of the luxury living room carpets. Light-coloured luxury models are excellent solutions if a bright living room is desired, while they may not stand out enough in a location that is laden with furniture and has little light. An artefact in bright tones, on the other hand, is a great idea to brighten up a living room with few colours.

As far as matching the furniture is concerned, it is important that the artefact is in harmony with the colours and materials of the other elements in the room. For example, if the sofa is brown leather, a beige or brown carpet could be the perfect choice. Similarly, if the dining table is made of dark wood, a piece with a geometric pattern in dark tones could be a perfect match.

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