Hand knotted custom rugs: art and investment come together

custom rugs Mar 11.2022
Hand knotted custom rugs

The main reason why it is worth deciding to furnish your home with custom hand-knotted rugs is the unique look that these artifacts can give to the rooms. Each rug is a special and unrepeatable creation, and it gives the space a personalized dimension.

However, aesthetics and the ability to decorate are not the only reasons for preferring hand-knotted and custom-made rugs. In fact, the quality of the materials and the solidity of the structure of the rugs are also to be taken into account. 

Hand knotted custom rugs: art and investment come together

High-quality and safe rugs 

Quality aspects are of great importance when it comes to choosing a rug to include in your home. Of all the processing techniques available, hand knotting is the one that allows for the production of rugs of the highest quality. This is due to the knowledge and experience of craftsmen, who most often live in Eastern countries where this traditional technique has been handed down for centuries. 

In the case of hand-knotted custom rugs, attention to detail and meticulous workmanship are essential. The design of the rug is created slowly, attaching the colored threads one at a time. The slow process, which can take up to several months and the involvement of multiple artisans, allows for excellent control over the finished product at all times. In addition, this ensures consistent quality. 

In addition to the quality of the materials used in the production and the attention paid to the realization of the rug, there is also the value of the design. Both the most minimal designs as well as the elaborate and eccentric ones are made on the initiative or with the collaboration of experienced and specialized designers. This synergy between the art of design and the art of rug making results in unique and unrepeatable products that are able to radically change the look of homes, offices or stores. 

Hand-knotted custom rugs are luxury items that also have a very high level of safety. They are safe both in terms of the materials used, which are of natural origin and hypoallergenic, and in use, because they are ground stable pieces with a low risk of falling and tripping.

Hand knotted custom rugs: art and investment come together

Hand-knotted custom rugs: versatile and long-lasting pieces

The customization of rugs made entirely by hand means that each product is unique and can furnish rooms for a long time.

The high quality of the fibers and the compactness of the structure make custom hand-knotted rugs perfect items for any space in the home. Even for those where there is the most traffic, such as the entrance area, hallways and living room. Also increasing the durability of the rug is the absence of glue or synthetic materials, which over time can disintegrate and reduce the firmness and stability of the item. 

Hand-knotted rugs are made to last and, for this reason, are luxury products that you can use in various rooms of the house or in various positions. From this point of view, it can be useful to provide from the design phase the creation of a rug that can be moved to other parts of the house. Or that can be hung on the walls and used as a wall decoration. 

The elegance, curated aesthetics and comfort guaranteed by hand-knotted custom rugs make them suitable for a long list of environments. A few examples? They range from home spaces to offices, showrooms, stores and hotels.

Through customization, you can create rugs that accurately reflect the identity of those who will use them. In the case of stores, it is often chosen to reproduce the brand logo on the rug. In the home, on the other hand, you can create a unique rug based on a customer’s design or based on the patterns and colors you prefer. 

Custom hand-knotted rugs are always a profitable investment 

Investing in a custom hand-knotted rug is worthwhile not only because you are assured of a long-lasting and high quality piece of furniture, but also because it is a profitable investment. Luxury rugs, especially contemporary art rugs, are considered to be artistic creations. With time, these art objects appreciate and can therefore be seen as an alternative to other luxury goods. We can therefore speak of a real investment.

Also influencing the value of the rug are the materials used, the shape and size. The value can be even higher in the case of custom-made rugs, due to the fact that they are unique pieces. Hand-knotted custom rugs are therefore the ideal solution for those who want an exclusive product, created specifically to make special and recognizable the home or work environment.

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