The linen rug: why choose it? Which furnishing styles is it best suited to?

Materials and techniques Oct 06.2023
linen rug

The linen rug is the perfect solution for those who wish to decorate their home with a piece of furniture that is both elegant and sustainable. These natural artefacts are made from fibres obtained from the flax plant.

Besides being environmentally friendly, they are also durable and long-lasting. With the right interior design choices, these carpets can transform the home into a cosy and elegant space, while at the same time respecting the natural environment and being safe for the health of the whole family.

What are all the advantages of a linen rug?

Linen rugs offer numerous advantages over carpets made of synthetic fibres, other natural yarns or animal fibres.

First of all, it must be considered that linen is a natural fibre that is obtained by processing the plant of the same name. The cultivation of flax has a rather short cycle and does not require the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Linen is therefore a perfect material for those who care about protecting the environment and, consequently, have made ecological and environmentally friendly choicesfor their homes .

In addition to being sustainable and environmentally friendly, linen rugs are also stain and dust resistant. Thanks to the natural antistatic properties of linen, carpets tend to accumulate little dust on the surface and can be easily cleaned with a hoover or soft brush.

Linen also has another very interesting property: this fibre is thermoregulating, i.e. it helps regulate room temperature, helping to cool the space in summer and warm it up in winter.

The advantages of linen rugs certainly do not end there. It should not be forgotten that these textile elements made from natural fibres are also very versatile from an aesthetic point of view. Linen rugs are available in many colour shades, from lighter to darker hues, which can be perfectly adapted to any interior design. In addition to being able to choose the best colour shade, you can also choose the weave and finish that best suits the furnishing style of your home.

The linen rug not only offers ecological and functional advantages, but also aesthetic benefits. One of the most appreciated aspects of linen fabric is its natural lustre. Because of this finish, the linen rug has a very elegant and sophisticated look and can uniquely embellish the décor of a home.

Best tips for furnishing with a linen rug

When deciding to furnish with linen rugs, the first thing to do is to define the size of the artefact and its position. When defining the role to be played by linen rugs, it is useful to consider that these models work well both as focal points of the room and as decorative elements to be placed in an off-centre position or under a piece of furniture.

To achieve a good overall result, it is essential to choose a carpet that has a colour that matches your decorating style. Linen rugs are perfect for completing the décor of a minimalist style room, for example. In this case, it is advisable to opt for linen rugs in neutral colours and essential textures.

linen rug

In addition to carpets made of 100 per cent linen, models made of a mix of fibres such as linen and wool or linen and cotton can also be considered. You can also decide to combine different materials by overlapping different pieces. The overlapping technique provides very interesting results and may prove to be the right choice to bring out the distinctive characteristics of linen rugs.

The naturalness of linen rugs fits in perfectly with the needs of those who want to furnish their homes in an eco-friendly manner. Since these carpets are perfectly biodegradable and are made without the use of chemicals and pollutants, they have no negative consequences for the environment and can be disposed of without any problems at the end of their life cycle.

How to choose the right linen rug?

To choose the right linen rug, several factors must be taken into account. First of all, it is essential to consider the furnishing style of the room in which you want to place the individual item. Not only the colour of the pattern, but also its design will depend on this.

Secondly, it is necessary to define the ideal size and shape of the linen rug. If you are choosing a pattern to be placed in the centre of the room, you can consider large-format ones or those made in unusual shapes. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more sober-looking decorative carpet model, you can consider plain-coloured pieces with standard shapes or models with a simple geometric pattern.

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