Indoor rugs : how are they made? How to choose the right model for your interior design project?

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Indoor rugs

Indoor rugs are indispensable decorative elements if you want to achieve a stylistic result that is both elegant and comfortable. Indeed, these artefacts can warm up the atmosphere, make home or commercial spaces cosier and give a unique touch to the environment, strengthening the interior design as a whole.

In order to be able to choose the right indoor carpet, it is necessary to focus on the role this piece of furniture will play. It is then useful to fully understand the characteristics of the type of space to be furnished. We discuss this in our in-depth guide, which will enable you to make all the right choices for your interior design.


What are the distinguishing features of indoor rugs ?

Indoor rugs fulfil both a practical and a decorative function, albeit with some differences, depending on the type of space in which they are placed.

A carpet is first and foremost a functional product, as it protects the floor from wear and scratches that may be caused by treading or moving furniture and chairs. A carpet also serves to insulate the space acoustically and thermally. As a result, there are important differences depending on the material used, and wool models  are those that provide the best results.

With their design, then, carpets intended for the interior of a flat can revolutionise the aesthetics of rooms and make them appear more colourful, warmer or livelier. The decorative capacity should always be assessed in relation to the style of the furniture already in the home to ensure that the end result is consistent.

Indoor rugs differ from outdoor carpets mainly in the materials used. Since the former are not exposed to the elements, as is the case with the latter, mainly natural fabrics  are used for their production. These yarns look better and are of higher quality, but they resist moisture and sunlight poorly. For this reason, carpets made from synthetic materials such as polyester or polyurethane are preferred outdoors.

How should indoor rugs be arranged to get the most out of them?

It is not only the appearance of the carpets that influences the final result of the individual furnishing project, but also their placement. The way they are arranged determines their role and can make their design stand out or not.

When deciding how to use carpets in furniture, it is crucial to understand whether you want the particular rug for the interior to be the main protagonist of the space or to perform a complementary function to the furniture.

A carpet can act as a focal point both in predominantly empty spaces, such as corridors, and in spaces that have important furniture, such as the living room. What makes the difference is the interior designer’s ability to correctly define the role the artefact will play and to be able to enhance it in the right way.

If indoor rugs  are to accompany furniture and help complete the design of the room, it is preferable to go for models with an essential design and neutral colours. Carpets of this type are very versatile and are perfect as complements for living rooms, living rooms and bedrooms furnished with traditional furniture, but also with contemporary, vintage or ethnic furniture.

Indoor rugs

What do you need to know to be able to choose the right indoor rugs ?

What determines the success of interior design choices when it comes to carpets is often the material chosen for them. For example, with the same design, a wool carpet and a cotton carpet will look different and may be suitable for different rooms in the home.

In order to understand which materials to focus on, many considerations can be made. One can start by analysing the type of space to be furnished and ask oneself how busy the room will be and how durable the carpet should be. One can also ask oneself what atmosphere one wants to achieve and whether one needs a warm and cosy carpet or one with a cooler and more natural look.

The needs of the family should also be taken into consideration: if you need a product that is easy to wash, it is best to avoid more delicate yarns.

Understanding what function the product is to fulfil is equally important. Sometimes, indoor rugs are only used to decorate rooms, while at other times they are a very important element in separating spaces and defining them.

The shape, colours and design of different indoor rugs are other elements to be carefully considered. Finding the right balance between these aspects helps to understand which is the best decision to make. If you want to achieve an original result, you can place an unusually shaped carpet in the middle of the room or you can decide to buy a model with intense colours that creates a striking contrast with the furniture.

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