Custom wool rugs how to make the right choice

custom rugs Jun 24.2022

Custom wool rugs how to make the right choice

Wool rugs have a long list of advantages. In made-to-measure designs, this list gets even longer, as those who request a custom rug can get a product that has exactly the features they want or need.

The main strength of custom wool rugs is undoubtedly their great flexibility. In fact, they can furnish the spaces of a luxurious home or a commercial setting, they can be large or small in size, they can have a classic look or a contemporary design… The great thing is that the various features of the rug can be mixed and matched to achieve a unique result every time.

Why should you request a custom wool rug?

A custom wool rug succeeds in perfectly interpreting the atmosphere you want to give your environment, whether you are decorating a room in your home or a store or hotel. In fact, custom wool artifacts are extremely versatile.

By customizing the shape, size and, most importantly, the appearance of the rug, it is possible to find the ideal configuration for any room. In this way, from a simple decorative element, the wool rug is transformed into a focal point, attracting looks and enhancing the space.

In short: choosing to furnish your home with custom wool rugs allows you to give each room in the home a distinctive look. Each room can be uniquely decorated, and the artifact will help define the perfect atmosphere of the space. In synergy with furniture and furnishings, the rug will help build an elegant and cozy atmosphere in the living room, functional in the kitchen, relaxing and enveloping in the bedroom.

Added to this are the advantages that are inherent in any wool rug, starting with durability and ending with the ability to make the rooms in which it is placed warm and comfortable. Wool rugs have also been appreciated for centuries because they require little maintenance, are water-repellent and hypoallergenic. Thanks to these qualities, they are suitable for decorating every room in the house and prove safe even in the presence of fragile individuals, such as children and the elderly. They are also an excellent choice in the presence of animals.

Custom wool rugs how to make the right choice

What design should you choose for your custom wool rugs?

When requesting custom-made rugs, the aspect that generates the most doubt and uncertainty concerns the choice of style and design. Defining the rug design and the colors to be used is of paramount importance, because this choice greatly affects how the room will look and the atmosphere in it.

The first decision to be made concerns the style to be given to the wool rug: you can go for a traditional design, which takes its cue from the typical motifs of Oriental countries, or you can opt for a contemporary style. In the latter case, you can choose to request a wool rug with an abstract design, with an artistic design, or with a graphic look. The possibilities are varied.

As far as colors are concerned, a good way to arrive at identifying the most suitable shades for the room is to define a reference palette. This palette should also take into account the furniture and accessories that are already in the house or that have been chosen to match the rug. Indeed, finding a good balance among the colors already present in the home helps to move into more harmonious spaces, characterized by a more welcoming atmosphere.

Custom wool rugs how to make the right choice

How to define the ideal shape and size for custom wool rugs?

Once you have defined even roughly the style and colors to be given to the wool rug, it is time to choose the shape and size of the model. To define the size of the custom rug, it is essential to start with the study of the room and furniture. The artifact should be well balanced with both of these elements.

Those who wish to have an original rug can play with shapes and request the creation of a piece that has a particular geometric shape. Or even an abstract pattern. And again: if you want to give an original touch, you can request that the rug have details, such as bangs. Or you can ask for it to be made with a texture with a three-dimensional effect. Or that it be made through the taftatura technique.

Before defining in detail the features that each custom wool rug should have, it is useful for clients, architects, and interior designers to talk to each other and brainstorm. The combination of ideas, insights and suggestions that come from each of these figures helps to square the circle. That is, it helps to better delineate the boundaries of the project and create custom rugs that are perfect to complement a luxury interior.

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