How to clean a high-value custom-made rug?

custom rugs Jun 06.2022

How to clean a high-value custom-made rug?

Custom-made rugs are creations made from fine and delicate materials. To clean your custom-made rug in a way that removes dust and germs and respects the delicacy of the fibers, it is important to observe certain rules and set a schedule for daily and periodic cleaning of the rug.

Through proper and thorough cleaning, you can then enjoy the full benefits of your rug for many years.

Everything you need to know about cleaning a custom-made rug

To identify the best cleaning techniques for custom rugs, it is important to analyze the characteristics of the individual model, starting with the materials used and going through the type of processing employed.

Knowing what is the material of the fibers used to create the rug helps to select the best cleaning products. On the other hand, knowing the way the rug was made lets you know how the fibers are arranged and, consequently, what treatments are best for cleaning it.

In knotted rugs, the yarn is attached manually, knot by knot, to the warp and weft. This causes the tension to vary at some points in the rug. In the case of woven rugs, on the other hand, the processing is done with the help of a machine and the fibers are arranged more evenly. The processing of tafted rugs is still different, since the yarn is attached to an underlying cloth, thanks to a special gun. Finally, one might be faced with a custom-made patchwork-type rug, made by stitching together pieces from different rugs.

Depending on the way the rug is made, then, you may be dealing with a pattern with a very compact structure or one in which the knots are less tightly knotted. The different compactness of the fibers influences the ease with which dust and dirt settle on the rug and, consequently, the frequency with which it will need to be cleaned.

How to clean a high-value custom-made rug?

What are the best cleaning methods for a custom-made rug?

Regular cleaning, with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush specifically for rugs, is the basis of any self-respecting cleaning program. The frequency with which this general cleaning should be done depends greatly on how busy the room in which the artifact is located.

The optimal cadence may be daily, in busy rooms of the house such as hallways or the entryway, or less frequent, in quieter areas such as bedrooms. If the custom-made rug is in a public space, such as a hotel or store, vacuuming should be done at least twice a day instead.

When deeper cleaning is needed, the custom-made rug can be cleaned with a dry system. You can choose to use baking soda or a special product for dry cleaning rugs. The powder should be spread over the entire surface of the rug and allowed to work for at least a couple of hours. Finally, it should be vacuumed very carefully.

In addition to removing dust trapped between the fibers, dry cleaning is also an excellent way to remove odors. In some cases, it can also prove useful for removing the presence of small stains.

If the custom-made rug is made of durable materials, such as wool or cotton, you may also decide to proceed with actual washing. To avoid damaging the rug, it is advisable that a professional cleaning service should take care of the water washing. Generally, this washing should be done at least once every two years. As mentioned, it guarantees an excellent result because it represents the deepest possible level of cleaning.

Some useful tips for cleaning and maintaining a custom-made rug

When cleaning the rug, great attention should be paid not only to the fibers, but also to the colors. Indeed, some colors may be unstable. Others, on the other hand, may change when in contact with chemicals in cleaning agents. Still others may fade over time. Employing specific products for cleaning custom rugs or relying on experts is, in these cases, the best way to protect the artifact over time.

For long-haired custom rugs, there is then a need for special care. Vacuuming could damage and pull the threads, so it is not recommended. For cleaning this kind of rug, one can then use a damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent. Alternatively, if there is no risk of damaging the fibers and colors, a solution of water and ammonia can be used.

As a general rule, when washing a custom-made rug with water, it is always a good idea to make sure that there is no risk of the fibers shrinking or loosening. Conversely, when opting for dry cleaning, it is important to make sure that the products used to clean the item do not interfere with its colors.

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