High pile area rug: what is it? How to include it in a furnishing project?

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High pile area rug

There are many good reasons why you should choose a High pile area rug for your home decoration. Unlike short pile or flat pile models, these carpets have a more imposing appearance and catch the eye even when they are offered in a small format.

If you choose to use them in your home décor, you should pay special attention to the safety aspect, to avoid falling and tripping.

What are the characteristics and advantages of a high pile area rug?

The practical and aesthetic qualities of pile carpets make them suitable for both domestic and commercial settings.

When considering the idea of furnishing with such a rug, the first thing to consider is the warm and enveloping look that the product can give the room. Especially when the carpet is made of wool or cotton, it can fill the room with its presence and colours.

Since using thicker fibres than usual gives a pleasant feeling of softness underfoot, these carpets are ideal in spaces in the home where one relaxes and especially in the bedroom or living room. The use of a thick carpet  can transform a cold floor into a cosy and inviting space and protect the chosen floor covering from the wear and tear caused by people passing by or moving furniture.

The greater thickness of this type of carpet compared to traditional models is also appreciable from the point of view of thermal and acoustic insulation. Due to their thickness, high pile area rug help retain heat within the room, creating a warmer environment and reducing energy loss during the cold months. In addition, these pieces act as an effective sound insulator, absorbing noise and reducing echo in a room.

In addition to their many practical benefits, thick carpets are also advantageous from a design perspective. By being able to choose from a wide variety of colours, styles and textures, it is possible to make the carpet the star of the room, turning it into the focal point of the room or making it blend harmoniously with the rest of the furnishings.

High pile area rug

In which rooms of the home can thick carpets be placed?

If you want to furnish with a high pile area rug, finding the right location for each model is even more important than for traditional artefacts. These models are often heavy and require a little more maintenance than short pile carpets.

Although it must always be remembered that each room has its own specific characteristics and that it is not possible to generalise, in general, high pile area rug are best suited for bedrooms and living rooms.

In the bedroom, a high pile area rug made of a soft wool provides a very high level of comfort. In this room of the house, one can consider installing a large product, to be placed under the bed so that it occupies the entire sleeping area, or one can opt for small bedside rugs, perhaps to be combined with a third rug to be placed near the wardrobe. 

Those who wish to admire the elegance of the high pile rug in the living area of the home can reserve a central space in the living room for the single piece. The thick carpet can ideally complement the space for relaxation and entertainment and can be offered in combination with armchairs and sofas.

Regardless of the space in which it is placed, it is important to ensure that the room is safe for the whole family. The height of the carpet, which can be several centimetres, could be an obstacle and even a danger in the presence of small pets, children or people who have difficulty walking.

How to match a high pile area rug to furniture in different rooms?

High pile area rug

Knowing how to match high pile area rug to furniture in the home is very important in order to create a harmonious and balanced environment. Choosing the right carpet model that matches the furniture in style and colour has a strong influence on the overall appearance of the room and the feelings aroused in people who come into contact with the home environment. 

In the living room, it is crucial to create a good balance between the artefact and the sofa. If the sofa is upholstered in a neutral or solid colour, one can consider installing a high rug with an elaborate design or complex graphic patterns. Conversely, if the sofa has an elaborate design or a lively print, it is advisable to choose a rug with a more basic look, so as not to risk overloading the room too much with colours and graphic elements.

In the bedroom, some of the most common combinations are between the carpet and the headboard or between carpets and curtains. In both cases, one can adopt an approach based on contrasting colours and textures or one based on harmony, for example by choosing complementary colour tones. And even in these projects, a pile pile carpet can make all the difference!

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