Hand tufted wool rugs: how to choose the right model for your interior design project?

Materials and techniques Feb 17.2023
Hand tufted wool rugs

Hand tufted wool rugs are an excellent solution for those who are looking for an alternative to classic knotted rugs.

In fact, hand tufted rugs , when made from quality materials and with careful craftsmanship, are able to adapt to various furnishing styles and offer numerous advantages, both practical and aesthetic. Let’s see which ones.

What are the advantages of Hand tufted wool rugs?

Hand tufted wool rugs are elegant, soft and very durable. Compared to hand-knotted carpets, they take much less time to process, which also makes them less expensive to purchase.

Thanks to the process by which they are made, textiles that are hand-knotted allow the softness of wool to be appreciated to the fullest. Precisely for this reason, it is worth choosing a carpet made of fine wool or requesting a custom-made one.

Wool is also one of the most durable materials of all. From this point of view, tufted carpets can also be placed in areas of the house that are heavily trafficked, without fear that the continuous passage of people will ruin the pile or even the structure.

Within the different rooms of the house, Hand tufted wool rugs contribute to a unique and distinctive atmosphere. With their design and colours, they define the style of the décor and the character of the room into which they are introduced. In addition, these artefacts complement the colour palette used in the décor and can influence the mood of the people who come into contact with the carpet.

In the workshops that specialise in the production of hand-tufted wool carpets, the world’s best wools are selected in order to obtain textile products of the highest quality that are capable of complementing the décor of classic or traditional environments.

In short: choosing a tafted carpet is a cheaper solution than a hand-knotted carpet, but it still allows you to furnish with a quality and luxurious product. Especially if the artefact has been designed by a world-famous designer.

How to furnish a room with a hand-knotted wool carpet?

To achieve the best possible result, it is necessary to find the ideal location for Hand tufted wool rugs. These can for example be placed just as successfully in the living area as in the sleeping area.

In the living room, a tafted carpet is at its best when placed under the dining table or in front of the sofa. In both cases, it is advisable to choose a large-format model that is wide enough to cover the area occupied by the table and chairs. Or you can choose a piece that covers the space occupied by the sofa and armchairs.

In the bedroom, on the other hand, hand-tufted wool carpets can be used as bedside rugs or, if you opt for a large size model, can find space under the bed, so as to cover a large part of the floor in the room.

This is not the end of the story. Hand tufted wool rugs can complete the furnishings of all bedrooms in the home. It is enough to make different choices regarding design and colours to be able to find the ideal model for the master bedroom, the children’s room and the guest room.

There is a general guideline for their use. Wool carpets created with taftatura are preferable to knotted carpets when one often walks barefoot and, therefore, wishes to decorate the home with artefacts that are soft and comfortable.

For best results, it is a good idea to match the carpets to the style of furniture. For example, in a room with minimalist and essential furniture, you can choose a carpet in neutral colours and a simple geometric pattern. In homes with classic furniture, on the other hand, it is preferable to go for Hand tufted wool rugss that have warm colours and a design that is reminiscent of oriental carpets.

Hand tufted wool rugs

Which tafted carpet to choose?

When choosing a Hand tufted wool rugs, special attention should be paid to the shape and colour of the pattern. Most of these artefacts have canonical shapes – mainly rectangular and round -, but it is possible to find custom-made carpets of the most varied shapes on the market or request them.

Similar considerations apply to the colours and design of the carpet. There are in fact some knotted carpets that echo the design of oriental patterns and others that stand out for their minimal, contemporary design. Unlike hand-knotted carpets, taftati patterns have less detail and boast more stylised designs, but still allow for beautiful scenic effects, especially when using wool dyed in many different shades.

The quality and provenance of the wool are two determining factors in achieving an end result that is equally elegant and luxurious. For the most exclusive models, wool from animals living in the highlands of Tibet, Turkey or certain areas of South Africa and New Zealand is used. These yarns have exceptional strength and a lustrous appearance, which gives hand-tufted wool carpets a truly unique look.

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