Luxury hand tufted custom rugs: a guide to choosing one

Luxury rugs Mar 11.2022

Luxury hand tufted custom rugs: a guide to choosing one

Hand tufted luxury rugs are a viable alternative to traditional hand-knotted rugs.

In fact, this ancient manufacturing technique not only allows the production of rugs to be completed in a short amount of time, but is also ideal for the creation of modern rugs and custom-made solutions. Thanks to taftatura it is possible to realize original and innovative designs, even on the customer’s personalized drawing.

The many advantages of hand tufted luxury rugs

Often, the reason for choosing a hand tufted rug instead of a knotted rug is related to the processing time required to complete the realization of the rug. For tafted rugs, in fact, the time is reduced. This happens thanks to the fact that the design is reproduced on the carpet through the use of a gun, which automates the attachment of the yarn to the canvas. In knotted rugs, however, the design is formed by thousands or millions of knots, which are made one by one, intertwining the colored threads.

The speed with which hand-knotted rugs are made is not the only reason why those in search of a custom-made luxury rug may decide to opt for this kind of handiwork. The great freedom of design customization can also be the reason why people opt for a tafted rug in preference to a knotted one.

Contemporary designer rugs often use shapes or patterns that deviate from the traditional ones. The versatility of taftatura means that it is possible to create rugs with very particular shapes without particular effort. And also rugs with elaborate designs.

How to furnish a room with a luxury hand tufted rug? (Everything you need to know)

A valuable advice for those who want to insert in their home a luxury hand tufted rug is to place the artifact in a space that is well in sight. In fact, tafted rugs are usually made in bright colors or have an attention-grabbing design. Arranging such rugs in a place in the house where they can show themselves at their best is therefore the best way to enhance them and take advantage of all their aesthetic features.

The entrance area, for example, or the hallways can be furnished with a custom-made tafted rug. The custom sizes and shape make the carpet ideal for the space and increase the comfort of the environment. In the living area of the house, however, you can furnish with luxury hand tufted rugs of refined design, made with colors that recall those used for the rest of the furniture.

Similarly, a large tafted carpet or a set consisting of carpet and bedside rugs can make the decor of the bedroom more original. In this room of the house, luxury tafted rugs are to be preferred over knotted ones also because of the greater softness of the fibers. In many cases, custom tafted rugs are used to furnish the bedroom of children and teenagers. The choice is due both to the fact that tafted rugs are soft and warm and to the possibility of creating custom designs, which recall the fantasy characters or hobbies preferred by children.

Luxury hand tufted custom rugs: a guide to choosing one

Why choose a luxury hand tufted and custom made rug?

Choosing hand-tufted and custom-made luxury rugs for your home multiplies the possibilities of personalizing your interior design. In a bespoke project, you can in fact select the preferred materials and shapes of the rugs, adapting them to the specific reality of your home.

In most cases, wool fibers are used for luxury rugs, but elegant and comfortable models can also be made from cotton, a mixture of silk and wool, viscose or using other fibers of plant origin.

As for the size, rugs of all shapes and sizes can be created. It is not uncommon to see modern luxury rugs that replicate the shape of existing objects. Or artifacts made in abstract shapes.

An important advantage of hand-tufted custom luxury rugs is the possibility to create original patterns even on the basis of a drawing or image provided by the customer. This solution allows a total customization of the environment and is an excellent idea for the furnishing of both domestic and professional spaces. If in the first ones this kind of rugs represent a way to express the personality of the person who lives in the house, through his interior design choices, in the second ones it is possible to strengthen the knowledge of a company brand by inserting rugs with the logo or a distinctive symbol of the company or business.

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