Custom rugs sizes: how to determine the right size?

custom rugs Nov 25.2022
Custom rugs sizes

Defining the Custom rugs sizes is an important step in the process of choosing the most suitable rugs for your home. In fact, making a mistake at this stage can compromise the final result of the interior design project and result in an unbalanced environment because it looks bare. Or, on the contrary, it can give the perception of an oppressive place.

Consequently, finding the ideal size of custom-made carpets improves the appearance and comfort of different rooms in the home and makes them elegant and pleasant to live in.

How to determine the Custom rugs sizes?

When determining the size of carpets to be used to furnish a room, three main variables must be considered: what type of room it is, what its size is and what its shape is . Two other elements that can influence the choice process are the brightness of the room and where you have chosen to place the artefact.

The structure of the room to be furnished is certainly the starting point from which to define the Custom rugs sizes. For example, an open-plan living area or a loft needs pieces of extra-large dimensions , while bedrooms can opt for a smaller sized bedside rug. As can be easily guessed, every room in the home has different constraints and, consequently, it is important to reason about the space to be allocated to carpets.

In classic and traditional furnishings, luxury carpets with a rectangular format are generally used. These artefacts recall the shape of the room and manage to maintain a good balance between the proportions of the space and the furnishings.

On the other hand, if there are irregular walls or if you want to have a carpet in a format that is far from standard, you can fulfil your wishes by resorting to a made-to-measure design.

What are the Custom rugs sizes for different rooms in the home? Some tips

Every room in the home can benefit from the presence of a luxury carpet. These decorative elements can embellish both the living and sleeping areas of the home, making the atmosphere more elegant and more sophisticated.

When furnishing a location with a high-quality carpet, it can be useful to keep in mind the standard dimensions of carpets used to decorate the living room or bedrooms. In the living area, depending on one’s preference, the size of the room and the amount of furniture in the room, a rectangular, square or round carpet can be placed.

Rectangular carpets are the most common and usually range in size from a minimum of 1.7 x 2.4 metres to 3 x 4 metres. In the case of round carpets, the diameter is usually between 1.8 and 3 metres. In contrast, for square carpets, the ideal length of each side is 2.5 to 3 metres.

Finding the right dimensions for custom-made carpets is not as easy as it may seem. One must be able to calculate both the physical size of the model and the final effect it will have on the appearance of the room.

With respect to bulk, it is necessary to consider the presence of any obstacles, such as doors and steps, but also the position of furniture. For example, a large carpet surrounded by many different pieces of furniture could overload the space, while a small artefact, combined with minimal furniture, could make the room appear empty and dispersed.

With regard to the link that is created between the carpet and the appearance of the room, when reasoning about the ideal size of the carpet one should not limit oneself to considering the measurements of the pattern. Instead, one should also extend the discussion to the positioning of the piece, its style, the colours and materials it is made of.

Custom rugs sizes

What are the Custom rugs sizes?

As a general rule, the carpet should not cover the entire floor of the room, but should be spaced from the walls by at least 20 centimetres on each side. Naturally, it must be positioned so that it does not obstruct the opening and closing of doors and so that it does not get in the way of other structural elements, such as stairs.

When choosing the Custom rugs sizes, two alternative routes can be taken. The first: one can take as a reference a standard-sized artefact that could fit the room and, from this, define a carpet similar in size but with a customised shape. Alternatively, you can decide to have a carpet made in an unusual format: extra-large, abstract or irregular.

As always, to make the right choice, you need to ask yourself about the particularities of the room to be furnished, the goals you want to achieve and the style you would like to give the room.

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