Custom-made rugs for a villa: practical tips for customisation and use

custom rugs Dec 20.2021

Custom-made rugs for a villa: practical tips for customisation and use

Furnishing a villa is a challenging and stimulating project. Having large spaces available is both an opportunity and a potential risk. On the one hand, a large space allows considerable freedom of customisation, but on the other hand it requires the utmost care to create a coherent and impactful interior design.

Choosing made-to-measure rugs for the furnishing of a villa is therefore an excellent solution for creating a functional, attractive and high-design home environment.

What to pay attention to when furnishing a villa (especially in order not to make a mistake with custom-made rugs)

A villa is a type of home that has unique characteristics. Unlike flats or lofts, it offers large indoor and outdoor spaces on several levels. This variety of environments also reflects a considerable variety of needs, which the domestic spaces are called upon to satisfy. In addition to the more functional rooms, such as the kitchen and bathrooms, there are various rooms that reflect the style and character of the people who live there, such as the living area, bedrooms, study and rooms dedicated to hobbies or entertainment.

For an interior designer, furnishing a villa is a challenge that requires balancing the demands of all the people living in the house and creating a harmonious and stylistically coherent project. In order to do this, it is necessary to think about the furnishing project as a whole and to look for high-quality custom-made rugs that can enhance each room to the fullest.

Custom-made rugs for a villa: practical tips for customisation and use

What functions do custom-made rugs play in the furnishing of a villa?

In a complex and articulated space such as a villa, custom-made rugs can be used in all their characteristics to create original and high-design furniture.

Depending on the type of room they are going to furnish, the preferences of the clientele and the sensitivity of the interior designer, custom-made rugs can perform several functions at the same time in a villa.

In the open spaces of the house, such as the open-plan living area or the basement living room, custom-made rugs can help define different areas of the room and can give each area a specific role. In this sense, custom-made luxury rugs are also an ideal complement to furniture, as they work together with the furniture to furnish the room and add personality to the space.

Bespoke rugs are also perfect in all cases where the design needs a twist. This is the case in rooms where a splash of colour is needed, or in spaces where placing a patterned rug gives personality to the d├ęcor. Using a particular texture can also help to increase the design content of the room.

Rug colours always play a special role in interior design. Using light-coloured patterns with shiny undertones, as in the case of rugs made of silk, helps to add vitality to rooms with little light or where dark furniture has been placed. Choosing made-to-measure rugs with colours that reflect those used for the furnishings is a great help in unifying the style of the room and giving it a well-defined character.

Custom-made rugs for a villa: practical tips for customisation and use

Which custom-made rugs should be chosen to furnish a villa?

Luxury custom-made rugs are the safest and most effective solution for furnishing every room in a villa in a way that exactly reflects the wishes of the people who are going to live there. Thanks to the possibility of customising every aspect of the rugs, it is possible to create models that are specifically designed to furnish, enhance and make special every corner of the house, starting from the entrance area and ending with the lesser used spaces.

When we talk about custom-made rugs, however, we should not think that customisation is only about size or colour. A bespoke design allows you to select the specific characteristics of each rug, taking into account how often the room is used, the style preferences of the people living in the house and how that specific room relates to others. For the entrance area, for example, it is advisable to choose a durable rug with the same design or with a design that is in harmony with the rugs used for the stairs. If the living area is visible from the entrance, this aspect should also be taken into account and a customised rug should be chosen that can act as a glue between the different areas of the house.

Custom-made rugs for a villa ultimately allow each room to be ideally furnished. With a unique mix of styles, colours, patterns, sizes and textures, they can create an atmosphere that is either warm and cosy or aristocratic and regal. Depending on the way they are placed in the room, custom-made luxury rugs can help to visually separate spaces or, conversely, can help to unite them into a harmonious whole.

Finally, with the use of colour, you can build a colour scheme that runs throughout your home. Or you can decide to use the colour of the customised rug as an element of surprise.

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