Geometric rugs: what do they look like? How do they match with different interior design projects?

DesignLuxury rugs Mar 31.2024
Geometric rugs

Geometric rugs are a refined and classy choice for bringing a touch of style and personality into the home.

The fact that they are available in a large number of sizes, workmanships and types makes them suitable for every furnishing and design requirement. Choosing this kind of artefact is especially the right solution if you want a comfortable, durable product with timeless aesthetics.

What are the distinguishing features of geometric rugs?

As it is easy to guess from what we have written above, geometric rugs are one of the most versatile and elegant furnishing solutions available to consumers and interior designers who want to enrich their homes, so as to transform spaces into an oasis of style and sophistication.

If one wants to furnish a home with such a product, one must first of all consider that geometric rugs made of wool are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. This variety multiplies the furnishing possibilities, allowing the optimum solution to be found. And this is true whatever the space and style requirements.

When speaking of geometric rugs, one can refer to both form and design. From the first point of view, this category includes both products with more canonical shapes, such as rectangular, square and round models, and those with more unusual shapes, such as hexagonal or octagonal models. If, on the other hand, we refer to design, we can consider striped rugs, those with several geometric shapes inscribed into each other or those that repeat the same shape to compose a monothematic pattern. The possibilities are truly endless, making these artefacts ideal in the most diverse contexts. 

In addition to their shape and design, geometric rugs can also be distinguished by the type of yarn chosen for their creation. Although, when talking about rugs, wool is often spoken of generically, without providing too many specifications on the subject, actually knowing from which animal the wool is obtained and what the geographical origin of the yarn is can make all the difference. Indeed, wools do not all have the same level of strength, softness and lustre. And these are all elements that influence the performance and appearance of the individual carpet.

Geometric rugs

When should one or more geometric rugs be chosen?

Handmade geometric rugs are appropriate whenever there is a need to liven up spaces and break the monotony dictated by the use of linear, uniformly coloured furnishings. The repetition of geometric motifs or the introduction of defined, sharp shapes helps to make spaces more dynamic and deeper, increasing their visual interest.

Artifacts of this kind can also be the optimal choice when one needs an element to complete the furnishing project. Being extremely versatile products, geometric rugs integrate harmoniously with both classic style furniture and more modern furnishing solutions, ranging from minimalist to bohemian lines.

Whatever the reason for deciding to include geometric rugs in your furniture, you should consider that they are high quality and durable pieces. They are therefore a true long-term investment.

All the best tips for finding geometric wool rugs that are perfect for your interior design project

Finding geometric rugs that are perfect for enriching and enhancing your home space requires great care and attention, because sometimes the choice is not so trivial.

First of all, it is essential to measure the space where you want to place the artefact. Taking precise measurements of the available area is essential in order to derive the right size of the carpet and its ideal shape.

Once these parameters have been defined, it is important to decide which colours to use and which type of wool is most suitable for the space. For the colours of the carpet, a palette must be chosen that is in harmony with the shades used in the surrounding environment. Generally speaking, you can go for neutral colours if you want a subtle and understated result, or you can choose rugs in brighter shades that are perfect if you want to add vitality to the room.

Geometric rugs

Among the types of wool to consider, besides sheep wool, are goat, camel and yak wool. All of these animals offer warm, soft fibres that are ideal for making elegant yet durable rugs. Vicuna is also a very interesting wool to use, as it is characterised by its softness and durability.

In short: the choice of wool is really crucial. In this sense, it is advisable to opt for high quality wool, which guarantees softness, strength and durability.

A further aspect to consider is the consistency of the textile with the characteristics of the environment. It must be assessed whether the geometric pattern and style of the individual piece fits in with the existing furnishings of the room or whether any changes need to be made. This means the need to introduce a custom-made carpet .

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