What texture to choose for custom rugs?

custom rugs Aug 22.2022
What texture to choose for custom rugs?

What texture to choose for custom rugs? Let’s start by explaining what the texture of a luxury rug is, partly because it is an element of an artifact that is too often underestimated. Yet, it is among the elements that most influence and define the sensory experience given by the rug. The comfort, softness and pleasantness of different patterns depend largely on the texture and the way the fibers are arranged.

Here, then, are some tips on how to choose the most correct texture for your home when you decide to order custom carpet making.

The best textures for a perfect custom-made rug

Those who are engaged in choosing a custom-made rug usually focus particularly on the size of the pattern, its design, and the choice of colors. Only a small portion of customers who request custom rugs spontaneously consider the different alternatives about the texture to be given to the product.

There are several reasons why the texture of a rug (custom or standard) is little considered. In part, it is taken for granted that the most practical and versatile solution is to use short pile carpets. On the other hand, it is an aspect considered of secondary importance.

In reality, texture has a profound influence on the way the rug looks and its ability to complement interior design. The same pattern offered in a short-pile or a long-pile version will look very different, so that it may have different uses.

To identify the most appropriate texture for the interior, the best way is to start with an analysis of one’s desires. From this reflection, there may emerge a need to need to add some softness within the interior design project. Or a desire to increase the overall elegance of the design might emerge. Still, there may need to be concern about the safety aspects of using the carpet, especially in the presence of children, the elderly, or pets. In the face of such varied needs, choosing one texture for all the custom carpets in the house may not be the best choice.

What texture to choose for custom rugs?

Contrasting textures for a striking result

So, what texture to choose for custom rugs? The choice is rather subjective and depends on one’s aesthetic taste and needs. However, there are objective aspects to consider, mainly related to the functionality of the rug.

In a busy room of the house, for example, a long-pile rug proves unsuitable, since the continuous passage of people could damage it in a short time. In contrast, the softness and fluffiness of this type of carpet would be best enhanced in a bedroom.

In addition to these evaluations related to the use of the different rooms in the house, to choose the most suitable texture for a custom-made rug, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the furnishings, that is, the style and appearance of furniture and accessories, but also the wishes of the people living in the house.

Identifying the perfect texture for the space to be furnished helps to add depth to the room and creates a harmonious effect with any other textiles in the room. Making sure there is a good contrast between the different elements of the furniture is often the key to achieving a great result.

The contrast between the texture of the carpet and that of the other furniture elements can be related to both the sensory and visual aspects. In a living room furnished with furniture with a distinctive, attention-grabbing design, a good contrast can be achieved with a short-pile rug with a smooth texture.

Alternatively, in a living room with an elegant leather rug, you can successfully incorporate a long-pile rug or a rug with a three-dimensional texture.

What texture to choose for custom rugs?

How to use carpet texture to enhance interior design?

A few more tips: what texture to choose for custom rugs? In order to make the most of carpet texture so as to achieve particularly beautiful furnishings, it is important to keep in mind that this aspect of the artifact influences the appearance and comfort of the product.

Between short-pile rugs, long-pile patterns, 3D-effect weave rugs, and custom-made solutions, everyone can find the most suitable configuration for each room in the house.

Being able to experiment and evaluate various weaves and textures also allows one to make the most of the particularities of the different materials that can be used in making a rug. Considering all the alternatives available, one might come to the conclusion that a plain-weave pattern is the best solution to bring out the beauty of silk fibers, including those of plant origin. On the other hand, a three-dimensional weave pattern might be the right choice for an artifact made from a mix of wool and natural fibers.

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