Large colourful rugs: what do they look like and how to introduce them into a furnishing project?

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Large colourful rugs

Choosing large colourful rugs means relying on furnishing solutions that are particularly versatile and easy to integrate into any type of environment.

Specifically, these textiles can be used as a focal point within a large room or as a furnishing accessory in combination with classic or contemporary style furniture.

Four advantages of large colourful rugs that should not be underestimated

Furnishing with large colourful rugs can be the right solution whenever you want to bring a little colour into your home space. You can consider plain-coloured rugs , if you want to add a specific shade, or you can consider multi-coloured models. In the latter case, the possibilities for choice are multiplied, as one can consider patterns with a pattern that features cool colours or those with warm colours or, again, patterns with contrasting colours or those with a specific palette.

If the colour scheme is what immediately catches the eye, it should not be forgotten that large colourful rugs can also enhance the spaces in which they are placed from a design point of view. These decorative elements can have the most varied shapes and details. They range from pieces with irregular or unusual shapes to patterns with embossed textures, to name but a few examples.

Often, interior designers who choose to rely on a large colourful carpet do so in order to exploit the ability of these furnishings to brighten up the rooms in which they are placed. Especially when rugs in bright colours are selected, the effect for the observer is truly energising.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that large format coloured rugs are also very versatile. In fact, they can find space in the home both indoors and outdoors and can be used to furnish an empty space. In addition, they can be combined with furniture to better define the personality of the space. 

Large colourful rugs

Which rooms in the home can be furnished with large colourful rugs?

The advantages and potential of large colourful rugs can be used in different types of rooms. As a general guideline, it should be considered that large colourful rugs are perfect in all large spaces. This can be the interior of villas, flats or lofts, gardens and terraces, or it can be commercial environments.

One of the locations where large colourful rugs are most suitable, for example, is the bedroom. This can be the master bedroom, but also the children’s room or the guest room. In each of these spaces, a large-format, multi-coloured piece can be successfully placed, naturally taking into account the stylistic and environmental particularities of each room.

Any other tips? Those who wish to give a special touch to the interior design of their home may decide to place a large coloured carpet in the living room. In this case, it is essential to identify the best possible location for this furniture. Usually, the choice is between placing the carpet under the dining table or under the sofa. Both solutions are good for making large, colourful rugs stand out and the decision is essentially guided by the way the furniture is arranged, one’s practical needs and the design of the individual item. 

Outdoors, one can decide to place a large coloured carpet on the terrace or in the garden. The aspect to be paid the most attention to is the durability of the product. In this respect, the best choice is a model made of synthetic fibres, such as polyester or polyurethane.

Large, colourful rugs also work very well in commercial spaces. In boutiques and offices, such a piece of furniture improves the overall atmosphere of the room and provides a cosy and comfortable place for people to visit.

Large colourful rugs

How do you find the large colourful rugs that are perfect for your interior design?

To find the large coloured carpet that is the perfect piece for your space, you should not only consider the design, colour and style of the pattern. There is also more to focus on.

One of the aspects to pay most attention to is the processing technique used to make the individual carpet. Hand-knotting is the handcrafted technique that yields the best results in terms of quality and is preferable if a durable and elegant piece is desired. Tafted rugs may also be an option to consider. In this case, the piece will be softer and less resistant, and therefore suitable for spaces with little traffic.

The shape is another element to be carefully analysed. In addition to the traditional rectangular shape, other options for large colourful rugs can be considered, from round rugs to those with an original shape.

Those with specific requirements can also consider having one or more large colourful rugs made to measure. In this case, all details of the product can be customised and the size, shape and colour palette chosen to best suit the room to be furnished.

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