The custom carpets for the bathroom: how to make the ideal choice?

custom rugs Apr 14.2022

The custom carpets for the bathroom: how to make the ideal choice?

The modern bathroom is conceived as a room of well-being and in this space of the house you can get a sort of private spa. Sanitary ware, accessories and furnishings have the task of enhancing these feelings of well-being and promote relaxation.

In this sense, luxury carpets play a key role. In fact, choosing custom rugs for the bathroom helps to create a dreamy atmosphere and increases the comfort of the room. In addition to giving that extra touch of class, which also amplifies on the well-being of those who live in the room.

How to choose the right custom rug for the bathroom?

Designing a custom rug for the bathroom requires attention and precision. Dimensions, styles and materials should be selected carefully to ensure a high level of comfort and a perfect balance with the sanitary ware and furniture present.

The ideal size of the carpet should be calculated based on the shape of the room and the desired footprint. In the case of a spacious bathroom, you might decide to include a large rug that covers most of the floor. A carpet of this type performs practical and decorative functions: it absorbs the water that may fall from the sink, shower or bathtub, gives a pleasant feeling of softness if you walk on it barefoot and decorates the environment with its appearance.

For smaller bathrooms, you can think about including a long narrow runner. Or you can ask for the creation of a carpet with an original shape. With custom designs, you can create luxury carpets customized to the millimeter. It is therefore possible to find the right proportions for each bathroom.

The size is not the only important choice to make. The material of the rug is also of prime importance and can make the difference between a successful decor and a shaky one. When choosing the material, you must keep in mind that the bathroom is a humid environment and subject to temperature changes. In addition, it is necessary to ensure a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Having made these premises, it seems obvious that, for a custom carpet for the bathroom, it is necessary to consider materials that resist water and are easy to clean, such as wool or cotton.

How to decorate the bathroom to bring out the design of custom rugs?

The design of the custom rugs for the bathroom should be chosen with the aim of balancing the decor. Patterns and colors should be selected considering the characteristics of the floor, sanitary ware and wall tiles. The result should ensure a perfect harmony between colors and materials.

When customizing the carpets, it is good to take time to carefully choose the colors of the carpet. You can go for relaxing tones, such as those included in the range of blue and green, or you can define a carpet that recalls the colors of some decorative elements of the bathroom, such as lamps or accessories.

In bathrooms where white is the predominant color, you could give the carpet the task of adding color and personality. For example, contemporary luxury patterns with elaborate geometric patterns can create an optical effect that gives depth or a perception of movement.

Simple geometric patterns, essential rugs in neutral tones or black and white rugs are timeless options that can elegantly furnish any type of bathroom. In custom carpets of this type, you can intervene by customizing certain details and providing, for example, a frame that makes the appearance of the central body of the carpet stand out.

All the advantages of putting a custom-made carpet in the bathroom

Thanks to a custom-made carpet, you can give personality to the bathroom and ensure that its appearance is consistent with that of the other rooms of the house.

The study that precedes the creation of the custom carpet should start from the analysis of the characteristics of the bathroom. Consequently, the team in charge of the design should propose various alternatives, until an agreement is reached on the project most in line with what the client requires.

From this point of view, it is worthwhile to reason all together about the qualities of the room and usage habits. From this comparison, it might emerge that a light-colored carpet would be able to increase the brightness of the room. Or it could be concluded that placing the carpet in a certain way would give an original touch to the room and enhance its features. Through customization, you could also consider options that are normally rarely considered, such as rugs with abstract shapes.

A custom project allows you to control every aspect and design the rug that, more than any other, is able to create a bathroom capable of transforming into an oasis of true well-being.

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