Embroidered rugs: what do they look like? How to combine them in an interior design project?

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Embroidered rugs

Embroidered rugs are small masterpieces that demonstrate the craftsmanship of the artisans responsible for making them. Unlike the more classic knotted rugs, which are made by creating thousands or millions of knots by attaching coloured threads to the warp, embroidered rugs are made by creating the patterns using a needle and coloured threads.

More or less intricate and detailed patterns thus appear on the surface of the artefact. This technique, which is less widespread than knotting, has ancient roots and represents a craft tradition that has spanned the centuries to the present day.

What are the main characteristics of embroidered rugs?

The feature that most distinguishes an embroidered carpet from products made using alternative techniques is the process used in its creation. Each piece is worked by hand and with patience, resulting in unique and customised designs.

Thanks to the embroidery technique, it is also possible to modify existing rugs, adding details or touches of colour that can completely transform the appearance of a pattern, making it a truly unique piece.

An embroidered carpet may take several days, weeks or more often months to complete. The total processing time depends on several factors, including the size of the carpet and the complexity of the design to be realised. A large piece with an elaborate pattern, for example, may require several months of work and may involve several craftsmen, while smaller, simpler pieces can be completed in a few hours.

What else can be said about these masterpieces of craftsmanship? Embroidered rugs are an option to consider whenever you are looking for a piece of furniture that brings together tradition, art and customisation. With their timeless charm and uniqueness, these pieces can enrich any room, offering a touch of elegance and history.

How are embroidered rugs made?

Embroidered rugs are handcrafted, using a technique that is both fascinating and quite complex. The process begins by fixing the raw carpet on which the embroidery is to be done on a loom. A loom similar to the one used in other carpet-making techniques. Once the artefact is fixed, the craftsman can begin his customisation work using only a needle and coloured threads to create the design desired by the customer.

Coloured threads in different materials can be used to create the embroidery. The most commonly used are cotton and wool, but jute, hemp or silk threads can also be used. Embroideries made from different threads can also be present on the same carpet: the combination of several fibres can give depth, three-dimensionality and relevance to the different elements of the design.

This is not the end of the story. An embroidered carpet is in fact the result of the skilful application of various stitches and embroidery techniques. The choice of the best technique is left to the craftsman, based on the expected end result. Traditionally, the most commonly used stitches are cross stitch, chain stitch and satin stitch. The choice of technique to be used from time to time also depends on the type of design you want to achieve and the texture you want to give the carpet. Floral, geometric, abstract or nature-inspired motifs will appear very differently depending on the type of stitch applied to make the embroidery.

It is not only the types of stitches used that differentiate embroidered rugs. The decorative motifs chosen also have a very profound influence on the appearance of the final product. Classically embroidered rugs tend to feature traditional designs, often with oriental or Middle Eastern influences, and use a rich and harmonious colour palette. Modern rugs , on the other hand, experiment more with designs, ranging between boldness, minimalism or abstractionism, and using bright or contrasting colours.

Embroidered rugs

The versatility of embroidered rugs is another great advantage of them. There are numerous designs to choose from, varying in shape, size and colour combinations. This variety makes it possible to find the perfect embroidered carpet for any type of room, be it an elegant living room, a cosy bedroom or a modern study.

What are the advantages of furnishing your home with an embroidered carpet?

Choosing to furnish your home with an embroidered carpet offers numerous advantages that go far beyond aesthetics. Indeed, these artefacts are ideal for those who want a customised or unique result, thanks to the possibility of creating tailor-made designs that reflect their own style and preferences.

One of the main advantages of embroidered rugs is their ability to add colour and vibrancy to a plain piece. Through embroidery, it is indeed possible to transform a plain carpet into a true work of art, incorporating patterns and details into its pile that will undoubtedly enrich the environment in which the piece will be placed.

Thanks to embroidered rugs, it is also possible to obtain a piece of furniture that is perfectly coherent with the interior design and stylistic choices of the home. How so? The reason is that these textiles can be used both on the floor and on the wall, offering decorative solutions that are always innovative and original.

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