Organic rugs: what are they and how are they made? How to choose them?

Materials and techniques Dec 08.2023
Organic rugs

Organic rugs are a perfect furnishing solution for those who wish to combine style and sustainability.

These particular models are made from natural and sustainable materials  and traditional processing techniques, which ensure an elegant, unique and environmentally friendly end result.

What are the qualities of an organic carpet?

One of the main qualities of organic rugs is their sustainability. Being made from one or more natural materials, these textiles do not contribute to the pollution of the environment and do not lead to the emission of greenhouse gases. Furthermore, many of these pieces are made from natural fibres that are completely biodegradable, which means that these products can be composted at the end of their life cycle, further reducing their impact on the environment around us.

Another important quality of organic rugs is their naturalness. In fact, they are made from natural materials that do not release any chemicals into the environment. This makes them a safe choice for the home, especially for families with children or pets.

Organic rugs can be made from fibres of plant origin, such as cotton or jute, as well as from fibres of animal origin, such as wool. This variety means that each organic product has unique characteristics in terms of softness and comfort, but also in terms of strength and durability.

Organic rugs

What materials can be used to make organic rugs?

Beautiful organic and handmade rugs can be made using many different materials of natural origin, derived from plants or animals. These fibres are comfortable, elegant and have specific advantages that should be taken into great consideration.

Wool  is certainly the most frequently used material for making organic rugs, especially if a traditional end result is desired. This natural material is known for its softness and warmth and is suitable for rugs to be used throughout the home.

Cotton is another material commonly used to make organic rugs. Unlike wool, it is light and breathable, easy to wash and requires little maintenance. These qualities make cotton the ideal choice even for busy spaces in the home or where there is a risk of the carpet becoming stained.

Among fibres of vegetable origin, jute should also be considered. Organic rugs made from this fibre are both strong and durable, as well as having a rustic and warm appearance. Pieces made from this material are particularly ideal for areas of the home with high traffic, but also for areas where a carpet that is both durable and comfortable is needed.

Those who wish to give the interior of their home a more natural and delicate look may consider incorporating sisal rugs into their furnishings. This material is extremely strong and durable, is ideal for high-traffic areas and has a very distinctive look that is perfect for adding a touch of style to any room.

When to use organic rugs in a room?

Organic rugs

Organic rugs are an excellent furnishing solution for anyone wishing to furnish their home in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Respect for nature is manifested at all stages of production: the materials used to make these textiles are obtained from crops that do not involve the use of pesticides or chemicals, or from animal fibres that are obtained in a way that respects living beings.

Since so many different materials can be used to make organic carpets, it is possible to find the best combination for different furnishing styles. These textiles, for example, can complement rooms furnished with rustic furniture, but can also complement more modern spaces, thanks to their versatility and the wide range of colours and patterns available.

Organic carpets are the most natural choice for those looking for furnishing accessories that reflect the values of sustainability and respect for the environment. Specifically, choosing an organic carpet means making a conscious decision and requires considerations that go beyond the purely aesthetic aspect. In essence, these are artefacts that represent an investment that demonstrates sensitivity towards our planet and the future of our generations. In short, it is a small gesture that contributes to safeguarding nature and the future of humanity.

The fact that durable materials are used means that organic rugs can last for many years without losing their beauty and charm. Handmade rugs made from organic fibres are also extremely comfortable. Indeed, their texture is soft and cosy and can add a touch of comfort to any room in any home.

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