Natural Area Rugs, the beauty of nature at home

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Natural Area Rugs

Rugs made of natural materials like sisal and jute have become as ubiquitous in interior design as white T-shirts. They are excellent natural area rugs because their muted tones and natural fibers complement various design styles. Throw them over large or under small rugs to add depth, warmth and texture, says designer Leanne Ford. Pair them with antiques, neutral colors, jewel tones, and many patterns. Designer, Whatever direction you go, they’re an easy way to add an unfinished touch to a room, says Lauren Ashley Allen.

These rugs have a lot of flexibility and can be dressed up or worn down. To help you choose the right area rugs for your home. We’ve reviewed sisal, jute, and abaca rugs and asked Shaffer, Ford, Allen, and 13 other decor experts and interior designers about their picks for incorporating a favorite rug into your decorating scheme. And read on for advice.

What you know about natural area rugs

As for choosing between area rugs made from other natural fibers like sisal, jute, and abaca, the experts we spoke with suggest considering the space in which you’ll use them — For aesthetics, of course, but also because some fibers are better in some places.


The material of natural area rugs is below. On the other hand, rugs made from jute (which comes from the stem of the jute plant) or abaca fibers (which comes from the abaca plant) are generally softer to the touch, making them “more comfortable for bare feet.” And calm down, so there’s a trade-off,” says Dash. Jute rugs have a softer feel, making them a little more flexible than sisal, but they are also less durable and harder to clean. That’s why experts say they work best in low-traffic areas like bedrooms, as opposed to hallways and living spaces. Ellen prefers area rugs made from jute because of its overall light color, texture, and sheen, but she always recommends requesting samples to ensure your choice isn’t too scratchy. 


Carpets come in various styles and color options regardless of the fiber you choose. You can certainly get plain woven or handwoven rugs, but some come with fringes while others come with checkers or more traditional-looking patterns. And as mentioned above, sisal will generally look more tightly woven, while jute and abaca will be shaggy.

Customization options

Another advantage of natural area rugs is their customization. Because of the simple weave of many of these rugs, they come in various preset sizes. Still, some allow for further customization by allowing you to choose specifications, including dimensions and trims.

Nodus rugs

All these jute carpets by the most recommended by experts. You can find more information on their official website. It works for Dash because “it’s so versatile and works all over the house. I usually use it as a layering piece and put a small rug with an interesting pattern on it. It’s in my living room with an old Persian rug on it.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Area Rugs?

For starters, organic rugs don’t break the bank. The materials utilized in natural rugs, except wool, are readily available and plentiful. That, plus the fact that natural carpets are typically woven or braided, makes it easy to see how You can find large natural rugs for a fraction of the cost of certain synthetic rugs.

Unlike their synthetic counterparts, natural rugs can last for generations with minimal care. These hardworking rugs retain their beautiful appearance even after moderate use, making them a terrific option for high-traffic areas. Additionally, they are simple to clean. Most carpets made from natural fibers are either flatweave or braided.


Our 100% natural fiber rugs are crafted socially and environmentally responsible. You may feel good about choosing these eco-friendly floor coverings in your house rather than a rug produced from synthetic, artificial fibers because the fibers are renewable and biodegradable. Harvesting these fibers nourishes the environment and benefits local economies in places like Tanzania, the Pacific Rim, Bangladesh, and beyond.


Natural fiber carpets come in various styles, colors, patterns, and textures. It’s possible to locate a natural area rug that serves its practical purpose and complements any room’s aesthetics and design aesthetic. Concerned that size might be a problem? Try again. We provide all of our natural area rugs in common and unique dimensions. To make sure the rug you buy is the right size and shape for your room, we provide bespoke rug making. By offering a wide range of bindings from subtle to bold, we make it simple to complement your existing decor with the rug or to inject a welcome splash of color into any space.

Final Thought

Natural area rugs, manufactured entirely of natural and sustainable materials, are an excellent match for any interior design style. Sisal Rugs Direct carries a wide selection of handcrafted natural fiber area rugs and floor coverings, including sisal rugs, jute rugs, hemp rugs, seagrass rugs, and wool rugs. Each natural rug is available in regular and bespoke sizes and a range of hues, providing you with many lovely options for your house.

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