Morocco rugs : what are they like? How do they match with different styles of decor?

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Morocco rugs

Morocco rugs  are hand-crafted, have excellent quality and a very intriguing characteristic appearance. They are therefore fine textile artefacts , which are definitely worth considering in one’s interior design projects.

Specifically, when talking about Morocco rugs , one can refer to traditional models, which were produced in the past by Berber tribes, or to modern carpets, which interpret in a new way the production techniques and characteristics used for antique carpets.

What are the main characteristics of Morocco rugs ?

Traditional Morocco rugs  mirror the culture and history of the Berber peoples, who have inhabited Morocco for centuries. These textile artefacts have several points in common with Asian carpets, but differ from them mainly in their design, which is much more essential.

Like all antique carpets, they are handmade, with a manufacturing process that has been handed down from generation to generation. Each artefact is a unique piece, which is produced slowly and carefully, knotting the fibres with great care and reproducing the typical symbols and colours of Berber culture on the product.

In the carpets of Morocco that belong to the classical tradition, the use of undyed wool is prevalent, not only light-coloured, but also brown and black. In the patterns used with dyed wools, the most common colours are red and blue, which are obtained from plants that are easy to find in the area.

As far as design is concerned, one notices the very frequent use of decorative geometric motifs, which are very simple yet impressive.

Compared to traditional carpets, modern carpets maintain the same quality and production characteristics, but are distinguished by greater freedom in design and use of colours.

Both traditional and modern carpets are essentially created using wool, for both warp and weft. Depending on the case, the fibres may be sheep or camel, with varying levels of quality and strength.

In any case, the result is long-lasting carpets with excellent insulating properties that are perfect for use in any environment and in any season.

What are the special characteristics of Morocco rugs ?

Morocco rugs

Carpets from Morocco have very interesting characteristics that make them unique.

Moroccan luxury carpets are produced entirely by hand, by highly experienced craftsmen. In most cases, we are talking about knotted carpets, but a small proportion of Moroccan designs are produced using the weaving or taftatura technique.

Thanks to the craftsmanship, each carpet has a unique and unrepeatable weave and any processing defects are an added value rather than a problem.

These textile artefacts differ from those of Asian and Middle Eastern origin both in terms of their typical decorative motifs and the thickness of the product. Generally speaking, Morocco rugs  are taller and heavier. Their pronounced thickness and compact structure make them solid and hard-wearing, i.e. capable of insulating rooms very well and protecting floors very well.

Although having thick carpets is generally advantageous, it must be considered that it may be risky, especially if there are children or people with walking problems in the home, as there may be an increased risk of tripping or losing balance.

When it comes to Morocco rugs , it is important to bear in mind that they do not go unnoticed, even when they have an essential and discreet design.

A few ideas for using Morocco rugs in a home

Morocco rugs

The fact that Morocco rugs have minimal decoration, with the prevalent use of simple geometric figures, tribal or abstract designs, means that they fit perfectly into any space in the home. As they are available in small and large models and can also be made to measure, these carpets can literally decorate every room in a house.

Berber carpets, with their neutral colours such as white, beige, brown and black, are suitable for rooms in a home that are less busy, such as hallways or bedrooms. In these spaces, such pieces add comfort and a touch of elegance to the overall atmosphere.

Modern Morocco rugs , on the other hand, come in a greater variety of colours and decorative motifs, including very lively ones. These models, original and with a strong personality, are excellent solutions to complete the furnishings of a living room or lounge and, thanks to the intense use of colours, are able to mask well the presence of stains or signs of wear.

Whether antique or recently manufactured, Morocco rugs  have a timeless design that is extremely versatile in terms of interior decoration. They fit perfectly into an ethnic environment, but can also be placed with equal success in spaces that have been furnished in a traditional or modern style.

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