Metallic rugs: what are they? Why should you consider them in your interior design?

DesignMaterials and techniques Dec 03.2022
Metallic rugs

Metallic rugs immediately catch everyone’s eye, not least because of their luxurious appearance and shiny finish. In particular, these pieces have the advantage that they never go out of fashion and retain their great appeal over time.

In modern interior design, carpets made of metal are valuable resources for adding light in dimly lit rooms and for giving a precious touch to rooms, even those that have been furnished in a minimalist manner.

Furthermore, metallic rugs are such unusual design objects that they are truly unique, sometimes even iconic.

Gold, silver and bronze carpets to embellish the home

When the interior design is well balanced, metallic rugscan become the focal point of the space. It is on these original and luxurious decorations that the admiring glances of those entering the room focus. Consequently, it is around the design of these pieces that the furniture design should be built.

The gold, silver  and bronze elements within the weave of the carpet give an original and unique look to this piece of furniture and design rooms with an elegant and well-defined identity.

A gold carpet is associated with royalty and sophistication, while a silver carpet stands out for its delicate refinement. A carpet with bronze-coloured details, on the other hand, expresses a warmer and more homely elegance. Each version of a metallic carpet can therefore be interpreted in a unique way and can be used to decorate a specific space in the home.

In order for metallic rugs to best express their elegance, it is important to make sure that the furniture is in harmony with the carpets themselves. This means that, ideally, a metallic carpet should be matched with handles, mirrors and light fittings that recall the colour shade present in the artefact.

In order to make carpets made of metal the protagonist of the d├ęcor, it is also important to create a good contrast between the artefact and the floor. If there is a parquet floor in the house, a gold and black carpet can be considered if you want to give the space a majestic look. Or you can opt for a silver carpet, which is modern, bright and chic.

The pleasantness of the end result also depends on the mix of colours in the metallic carpet. The most traditional combinations see the colour gold in the company of intense shades such as red and black. As for metallic rugs that are silver and bronze, the most common combinations are white and grey, with variations in shades of pink and neutral colours.

Metallic rugs

How to choose the right metal carpet for every home environment?

Metallic rugs have an original and striking appearance and, for these reasons, are usually placed in the living area of the home. Lounges, living rooms and open-plan living areas are the spaces in the home that are best suited to accommodate such an artefact.

The best location for a metal carpet also depends on the type of material the product is made of. Is it made of copper, brass, bronze or another type of metal or alloy? The material may in fact influence the placement on the wall. It will be up to the interior designer to make the best choice, involving the customer.

The elegance of metal inserts is enhanced by the design one chooses for the carpet. To bring the metal part of the carpet into the foreground, an abstract type of design is usually used. Metallic rugswith a marbled effect are an excellent example of this. These are very elegant and versatile carpets that can embellish and fill both a city living room and a mountain chalet with warmth.

Excellent alternatives to abstract carpets are geometric design patterns. If the former are ideal for rooms furnished in a minimal and modern style, the latter are perfect for those who want to give their home a cozy look.

Make the most of the decorative power of metallic rugs

There are several furnishing styles in which the elegance of metallic rugscan be appreciated.

For example, a home furnished in a contemporary and Nordic style can easily be embellished thanks to the versatility of silver carpets. A silver shaggy style carpet or a light carpet with a silver marbled effect can give light and character to the area where the sofa is placed.

Gold and bronze-coloured carpets, on the other hand, are perfect for more traditionally furnished spaces. Simply placing a gold and red metallic carpet in the centre of the living room can transform the room into a fascinating space.

If you want to make both the furniture and the floor stand out at the same time, you could turn to a gold shaggy rug. This is a particularly elegant model, capable of embellishing and adding lustre to the space.

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