Nodus’ creations as protagonists at Lille World Design Capital 2020

Design Dec 09.2020

Nodus rugs in Lille 2020

Some of Nodus’ creations were the protagonists at Lille World Design Capital 2020, the important international event with a rich programme of meetings, which saw the presence of some of the world’s most illustrious masters of design.

The Lille event also represented an opportunity to discuss the role of design in the current historical period and the future of the discipline. 

Nodus among the protagonists of the debate on the future of design

From 9th September to 15th November, Lille became the world’s design capital. In the dedicated exhibition spaces of the French city, exhibitions, installations and comparisons have followed one another, making it possible to observe the phenomenon of design from several points of view.

The aim of the event was to encourage reflection on the role of the discipline and its interpreters, the Designers, and to question the contribution that design can make to shaping the houses and cities of the future. All this taking into account the need to make environmentally sustainable choices, to encourage the development of the circular economy, to adopt a new perspective on mobility and public action. Among the issues at the centre of the debate were also those concerning the need to take care of oneself, of others and the spaces one lives in.

Nodus participated in the appointment with some of its most original and emblematic creations, which are the product of the creative style of its Designers and the knowledge of its creative craftsmen. Thus, those who visited the exhibition “LA MANUFACTURE – A Labour of Love” could admire Metal Rug Brass and Metal Rug Steel, two unique carpets, born of Nacho Carbonell’s creativity.

In these creations, the cold and rigid metal was transformed by the hands of the Spanish artist into a surprising ornamental work. The two carpets presented in Lille were made of brass and steel fibres respectively. The metal wires have been woven and worked like fabric, with a technique that combines skilful tradition and innovative design. What makes this line of rugs extraordinary is also the effect given by time. In fact, the metals, once oxidized, present shades and chromatic patterns of great impact.

Equally interesting are the rugs created by Clémentine Chambon: Spectrum and Disappearing Spectrum. Inspired by nature, these creations aim to capture and reproduce the effect of solar refraction. The carpet thus becomes a prism, which breaks down the colours of light. Or it turns into a black space, which absorbs all the different shades of colour.

Nodus leaves Lille with a solid certainty: the brand is increasingly leading the way in the world market for luxury carpets with innovative designs. This has been recognised by both critics and visitors to the event, who have rewarded Nodus’ creations with special attention. And now appointment in Valencia in 2022!

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