Made to measure rugs for rustic style furniture: a guide to choosing them for every room

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Made to measure rugs for rustic style furniture

Made to measure rugs for rustic style furniture make it possible to create cosy and warm environments in which it is pleasant to spend time alone or in the company of others.

The rustic style, thanks to the materials and colours that characterise it, already makes the spaces in the home warm and open to sharing. The addition of customised carpets  and specially designed rugs to complete the decoration of each room invites even more conviviality and full enjoyment of the home environment.

What are the characteristics of the rustic furnishing style?

Before talking about Made to measure rugs for rustic style furniture, let us first define precisely what the main characteristics of this particular type of furniture are.

In particular, the rustic furnishing style is distinguished by the predominant use of wood, which is treated with transparent varnishes that bring out its natural colour and grain. It is also distinguished by the use of warm colours. In houses with rustic furnishings, it is also common to find textiles made of vegetable fabrics,  such as cotton, jute and hemp. Exposed decorations are also common.

In the rustic style, the focus is particularly on the living area of the house: it is between the kitchen, living room and lounge that much of family life takes place. For this reason, these areas of the house are furnished with care, down to the smallest detail.

The end result of the furnishing project must give the home a cosy and warm atmosphere like an embrace. Through the choice of furniture, decoration and carpets, tailor-made projects can therefore be realised that are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Made to measure rugs for rustic style furniture

Make use of carpets to complete rustic-style furnishings!

In a home furnished in rustic style, luxury carpets can embellish and complete the decoration of various rooms. For each space, you can select the artefact that best suits the context and matches the furniture and decorations, creating the perfect atmosphere.

But which Made to measure rugs for rustic style furniture would we recommend? For the living area, rugs with a rectangular shape and large enough to cover the area occupied by the dining table or sofa are preferable. For this area of the home, the most common choice are warm and durable wool carpets. You can select a carpet with oriental patterns, if you want to give your home a classic or traditional look, or a contemporary art carpet, if you want a more original result.

In bedrooms, you can focus on the carpet to make the room cosy and with a vaguely retro look, or you can select a design that catches the eye and has great decorative power. In the first case, you can focus on plain carpets in warm colours, such as burgundy red or various shades of brown. While in the second case, one can consider custom-made carpets with irregular shapes or floral patterns.

Depending on whether you want to put the carpet centre stage or mainly exploit its more functional sides, for the bedroom you can choose either a large carpet, to be placed under the bed, or a set consisting of small area rugs and a third carpet to be placed at the foot of the bed, under the desk or in another area of the room.

Made to measure rugs for rustic style furniture

How to select the right custom-made carpet for rustic furniture?

There are essentially three cornerstones of rustic furniture: a warm atmosphere, the use of natural materials and a certain underlying simplicity. When defining the characteristics that made to measure carpets should have for a home with rustic furnishings, it is therefore necessary to start from these three principles.

In terms of materials, wool is at the top of the list of those most suitable for this type of project. The characteristics of wool carpets make these pieces ideal for completing the furnishings of a rustic living room or kitchen, as well as hallways and bedrooms. If there are outdoor spaces that are well sheltered from the weather, such as a gazebo or canopy, a custom-made wool rug can also be placed outdoors.

Those who want to make a different choice can opt for the simplicity of natural fibre products. Custom-made sisal or jute rugs are excellent alternatives to wool pieces and emphasise the more eco-friendly sides of rustic furniture.

When it comes to design, carpets with a simple and refined look are preferred. For example, plain-coloured, striped or geometric patterned pieces are good options to consider.

Finally, in addition to hand-knotted carpets, those wishing to give their home a special, personalised touch can also consider custom-made long-pile and woven carpets. The former are ideal to complete the furnishings of the bedroom, while the latter are perfectly suited to the furnishings of the living area.

In short: the choice of Made to measure rugs for rustic style furniture is never a problem, as long as you follow the right advice and opt for products that are consistent with the interior designer’s design.

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