Luxury bedside rugs a touch of elegance in the bedroom

Luxury rugs Jan 06.2022

Luxury bedside rugs a touch of elegance in the bedroom

Bedside rugs offer a comfortable and warm support every time you get in or out of bed. These rugs, usually long and narrow, are a versatile solution for the furnishing of the rooms, starting from those with a more classic style up to those minimal and contemporary.

Luxury bedside rugs are a guarantee of comfort and style

When you wake up, who would not want to get out of bed resting their feet on a soft and comfortable surface? Bedside rugs serve exactly this function and, unlike standard size rugs, offer even more possibilities for customization.

Bedside rugs, as the word itself suggests, are placed on the sides of the bed and cover a limited area of the floor. Unlike classic rugs, which have a rectangular format and are placed under the bed, scendiletto models can have freer shapes and sizes.

In addition to the rectangular format that delimits the area occupied by the bedside tables and that comes up to the foot of the bed, you can use oval, round or abstract shaped models of bedside rugs. If the standard formats are more suitable for bedrooms furnished with a classic style, dare with the forms is advisable in contemporary style bedrooms or when through the carpets you want to add a touch of originality to the decor.

The bedside rugs, especially when they are of high value, offer greater freedom of choice in terms of materials that can be used. When you want to maximize the comfort of the carpet, you can choose a wool bedside rug, while if you want to give a special touch to the room you can choose a silk bedside rug. In case your chosen bedroom style is inspired by nature and involves the use of plant materials, you could opt for luxury rugs made of cotton, linen or made of other plant fibers.

What to consider when choosing a luxury bedside rug

The most important thing to consider in the process of choosing bedside rugs is the size of the pattern. The rug scendiletto should be chosen considering the free space present on the sides of the mattress and the space occupied by the nightstand. Between these three elements – nightstand, bed and rug -, there must be a perfect balance in shape, size and style.

Since bedside rugs are usually small in size, there are fewer constraints when choosing the design. For example, you can opt for minimalist solutions, such as plain carpets in neutral or light colors. Or you can choose a model with geometric or floral patterns, even in flashy colors. What should be sought is a certain harmony with the design and color of furniture and furnishings in the bedroom. In a room decorated in a contemporary style, the rug can be entrusted with the task of bringing a little color in the decor. On the other hand, in a room furnished in a classic style, the most suitable bedside rugs are those with an elaborate design, which recalls the world of Persian carpets or, on the contrary, rugs with essential lines, which balance the richness of details of the furniture.

Then, the safety aspects of the carpet should not be overlooked. For the bedroom, it is always preferable to use hypoallergenic materials and lay the carpet so as to minimize the risk of slips and falls.

Luxury bedside rugs a touch of elegance in the bedroom

Colors, materials and processing techniques: what are the best solutions for luxury bedside rugs

Since the bedroom is a room with little traffic in the house and low risk of stains, you can also choose delicate and precious materials, such as silk or viscose, for bedside rugs.

When it comes to colors and design, there is maximum freedom of choice. For the children’s bedroom, you can choose bedside rugs in pastel colors or with designs inspired by the world of nature. For the guest bedroom, it is preferable to opt for bedside rugs in neutral colors and simple style, able to adapt to the tastes of a good number of people. In the master bedroom, on the other hand, you can choose light-colored rugs, especially if you want to increase the brightness and perceived size of the room. Or you can choose pieces with bolder tones, if the goal is to make the carpets the center of attention. Neutral tones, on the other hand, are best suited to emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the decor.

In addition to hand knotted rugs, hand tufted rugs or long pile rugs are also perfect as bedside rugs. These techniques make it possible to obtain particularly soft and comfortable rugs, which are always ideal in the bedroom.

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