Large pattern rug : a guide to choosing according to the furnishing scheme

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Large pattern rug

A large pattern rug  can become the real star of the interior design, provided that a careful choice is made and a pattern type is selected that is consistent with the room to be furnished and the furnishing objectives to be met.

Depending on the result to be achieved, the possibilities are numerous, including the possibility of choosing made-to-measure pieces . This kind of textile artefact is in fact very versatile and can easily be adapted to different contexts. Let us now see what they are.

When to choose a large pattern rug ?

Choosing a large pattern rug  is an excellent option for decorating large rooms and those with few furnishings. In such spaces, such an artefact not only stands out, but allows the chosen design to stand out and become a distinctive element of the room.

Due to its special characteristics, a large pattern rug  manages to capture attention without visually overloading the room, maintaining a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

This type of artefact is particularly suitable for those who wish to maintain a certain degree of simplicity and want to avoid the confusing effect that can be achieved when using Persian carpets or carpets with small, richly detailed patterns. Persian carpets, in fact, with their intricate patterns, can end up adding too many visual elements, making the room look overly ornate and loaded with elements. In contrast, large motifs can present themselves as distinctive décor without weighing down the space.

This is not the end of the story. A large pattern rug  can be used to fulfil several functions at once. Which ones? In addition to clearly defining the space, this type of carpet also lends a certain character to the room in which it is placed. Specifically, depending on the case, it can be used to delimit specific areas, such as a conversation area or reading corner, but also to give a room a touch of style and personality.

A complete guide to the best patterns for an ideal choice

Large pattern rug

When choosing a large pattern rug , it is important to focus on the type of pattern that best suits your style and room requirements. The best options for such artefacts are the following patterns:

  • Geometric. Carpets with stripes, diamond or other geometric patterns are extremely practical and versatile. These patterns easily adapt to various furnishing styles, ranging from classic to contemporary, and help to create rooms with a neat and tidy atmosphere. The fact that large geometric shapes can have a strong visual impact without being too obtrusive plays in favour of this type of solution.
  • Abstracts. Carpets with abstract patterns, such as colour brushstrokes or irregular shapes, are very flexible and can add an artistic touch to the room. For example, an artefact with flecks of colour or floating lines can add a sense of dynamism and personality to the space, while maintaining a sense of elegance and originality.
  • Floral and natural. Carpets with large floral or nature-inspired patterns are perfect for creating a fresh and light atmosphere in the home. These pieces go particularly well with green and sustainable décor. Stylised flowers, leaves and other natural elements are great ways to make the room cosy and harmonious.

The choice of pattern also depends on the type of workmanship of the individual piece. Hand-knotted carpets often have more precise and detailed patterns, while machine-woven carpets predominantly have geometric patterns with essential shapes and rich colours. Finally, tafted carpets usually allow for a wide variety of patterns and textures and are an excellent option for textiles with large, bold designs.

What are the considerations to make before buying a large pattern rug ?

Large pattern rug

In order to be able to choose the right large pattern rug  for your home, you need to start by considering the type of room and environment to be furnished. In a large and bright living room, for example, a geometrically patterned carpet  can be used to define the space. On the other hand, in a bedroom one can opt for an artefact with floral patterns, which is more relaxing and cosier.

The colour scheme is another aspect to be considered very carefully. If the room is furnished with furniture in neutral tones, a carpet with large, bright patterns can add a touch of personality and character. Conversely, in an already colourful space, it is better to opt for a carpet with softer tones and less invasive patterns to maintain a good overall balance.

The appearance of the individual piece, including the texture and details such as the presence of fringes or an outer border, plays a very equally important role. Some examples of what we have just stated? A large-patterned, long-pile carpet can add warmth and softness. In contrast, a short pile and sharply patterned piece can give the space a much more modern and refined look.

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