How to furnish a house in the mountains with a luxury carpet

Luxury rugs Dec 09.2020

How to furnish a house in the mountains with a luxury carpet?

A house in the mountains is a sort of refuge in which to hide from the cold outside and to enjoy pleasant moments with family or friends. Whether it is the main residence or a house to live in during holiday periods, with the right carpets it can become an intimate and special environment.

Yes, but which carpets should I choose? This guide will give you tips for easy orientation.

A perfect balance, in harmony with the elements of nature

Compared to the houses we are used to living in cities or seaside resorts, in mountain houses nature takes a leading role. In fact, the natural elements surround these houses, fill the eyes of those who look out of the windows and are in the foreground inside as well.

Usually, when you enter a mountain house, two elements are immediately apparent: wood and stone. These two materials tell a lot about the aesthetic taste of those who live in the house. But they are also typical of houses built on high ground. Stones and wood coming from the mountains around the house, in fact, become materials that testify to the history and the bond with the territory.

Wood is very often the material chosen for the floor, but it also appears on the roof (if there are exposed beams), doors and windows. In multi-storey mountain houses, stairs and, if the project envisages it, mezzanine floor structures are also usually made of wood. Without forgetting the wall panels, also made of wooden planks. Stones also play a predominant role in a mountain house, in chalets with uncovered walls and in the structure of fireplaces.

When choosing carpets for your mountain house, it is important to look for solutions that guarantee a perfect balance with the elements we mentioned above. The right carpets will not only beautify the different spaces in the house but will also enhance the qualities of the natural elements in the home. All this in a manner consistent with the furnishing style decided by the owners.

Which luxury carpets to choose for your mountain home?

In a typical mountain house, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. When you close the front door behind you, you are enveloped in a warmth that makes you immediately forget the rigors of winter.

A mountain house is the ideal place to spend the winter relaxing and to organise memorable parties in the company of friends, sipping a few hot drinks and chatting around the fireplace. To make everything perfect, you cannot miss some high-level carpets, whose purpose is to give beauty and a sense of intimacy to the rooms.

The living room is usually the largest space in the house and the one where you spend most of your time, alone or in the company of others. For this room, you can think of a single carpet or, if space permits, two different carpets, which delimit the table area and the area where you relax on sofas and armchairs.

To emphasise the warmth and relaxed atmosphere of the house, a warm wool rug is the best choice. As far as design is concerned, oriental carpets can fit perfectly into a mountain environment. It makes no difference whether you have chosen an elegant furnishing style or whether you have chosen to give the room a rustic-inspired feel. The optimal result is in any case guaranteed.

Carpets with ethnic designs are another option to keep in mind when personalising a living area. For this particular environment, carpets with red, blue and golden shades are preferable, because they blend in beautifully with the warm tones of the wood.

Luxury carpets ideal for bedrooms should bring warmth and personality to the room at the same time. Here you can play more with colours and patterns, even choosing a style as opposed to the predominant one in the rest of the house. This creates a discontinuity that does not clash. On the contrary, it represents a break that gives personality.

A solution capable of adapting perfectly both to bedrooms furnished in classic style and to rooms in modern style comes from carpets with geometric patterns. Geometric lines and figures give depth and, if combined with light coloured carpets, they also give a pleasant optical effect that makes the room brighter.

Thanks to luxury carpets, you can make your home in the mountains a comfortable and sophisticated place to live. Those who are able to choose carpets in line with their personal taste and consistent with the elements in the different rooms of the house can thus achieve a stunning result.

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