How to furnish the entrance area with a luxury rug

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How to furnish the entrance area with a luxury rugPlacing a high-quality rug in the entrance area is a great idea to enhance this strategic space in the home. The entrance, often underestimated, actually plays a very important role. It is the first point of contact in the home with guests. In this sense, the carpet has the task of welcoming people at the threshold and giving them a taste of the style they will find in the different rooms of the house.

3 important rules for choosing the right carpet for your hallway

The first consideration when choosing the right entrance carpet is the characteristics of the space to be furnished. The right carpet model will be different depending on whether the entrance door opens onto a large open space or faces a long narrow hallway.

This detail has a particular influence on both the shape of the carpet and its colours. If the luxury carpet is to be placed in a long, dimly lit hall way, it is best to choose a light-coloured, rectangular-shaped model. On the other hand, if the entrance hall opens up to a large, brightly lit space, a large, colourful round carpet can be chosen. Or an irregularly shaped model.

Secondly, the durability of the carpet needs to be considered. The entrance is probably the busiest area of the house and you need a carpet that combines aesthetics and functionality. The entrance carpet often comes into contact with moisture and dirt from outside. It can therefore get dirty more easily and more quickly than other carpets in the home. For all these reasons, it is essential to choose a rug made of hard wearing materials that are easy to clean. A short pile wool carpet is the most comfortable solution. These carpets require little maintenance, are not damaged by moisture and give the room a pleasant warm feeling.

The third aspect to consider is the style of the carpet. As mentioned, the entrance area has the task of welcoming guests and accompanying them, also visually, towards the rest of the house. It is therefore essential that the style chosen for the entrance carpet is consistent with the rest of the interior design. Keeping the balance allows you to create a welcoming atmosphere and to ensure that the transaction between the external and internal environment is fluid and linear.

Which high-quality rug to furnish the entrance hall?

A square or rectangular carpet is the classic choice for furnishing an entrance hall. This kind of luxury carpet is chosen by most people because of its versatility. The canonical shape can be adapted to entrances of various sizes and all kinds of floors.

The actualsize of the carpet depends on the space available. In addition to taking into account the shape of the entrance area, the size of the door must also be considered. The door must open and close without any obstacles.

Can other types of carpet be chosen? Certainly. For example, a round carpet is also suitable for the entrance area, because it will give it a certain personality. In particular, the round solution expresses its full furnishing potential when placed in a large, spacious room, such as in a loft or open-plan home. The airy, light-filled environment is effectively enhanced by a round rug with a design rich in colour and detail. In order to maintain visual consistency throughout the house, however, it is advisable to choose a carpet for the entrance hall that is similar in style or colour to the models chosen for the other areas of the house, such as the living room or lounge.

But that’s not all. If you want to leave your guests speechless, you could decide to place a personalised luxury carpet or a carpet with an original shape in the entrance area. This kind of carpet is a candidate to become the centre piece of the d├ęcor and makes it immediately clear to your guests tha tthey are entering a designer environment where nothing is left to chance.

When it comes to choosing a carpet for the entrance area, it is important to ensure that the design of the carpet and the atmosphere of this area of the house are memorable. The entrance carpet is not only the first piece of furniture that greets guests when they cross the threshold of the house, it is also the last item they see when they leave. It is therefore important that the carpet makes a good impression on guests and speaks of the good taste and refinement of the hosts. Only if you are scrupulous in your choice will the result be optimal.

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