How to combine luxury rugs and designer dining tables?

Luxury rugs Apr 16.2022

How to combine luxury rugs and designer dining tables?

Showing your passion for interior design and having high-quality furniture in your home are two of the main reasons why people decorate their homes with designer pieces.

In order to make such high-quality furniture stand out, it is a good idea to include it in a larger project that makes balance its guiding thread. In living areas, designer dining tables are the absolute protagonists, especially when accompanied by a rug. Let’s find out how to combine them with luxury rugs so that all these elements can enhance each other.

How to create a perfect balance between the designer dining table and the carpet

The mission of anyone furnishing a living room or lounge with designer furniture is to find a functional combination between the different elements of the furniture. The table, chairs and other furniture should be selected to make sure that there is a certain consistency in styles, colours and textures.

Luxury carpet and designer dining table make a pair that is worthy of the utmost attention. Specifically, the carpet should be chosen to balance the style of the table and together create a cosy, elegant and harmonious space.

In the lounge or living room, short-pile, smoothly structured rugs are preferable. Although long-pile rugs and rugs with relief weaves offer a variety of patterns and designs that can complement certain types of designer tables, functionality should be the priority in this area of the home.

A shag carpet makes it easier to move chairs around and prevents guests from tripping over the weave of the carpet as they sit down or get up from the table. The short fibres also make cleaning easier and prevent a noticeable stain from being left on the carpet if food or drinks are spilled.

How to combine luxury rugs and designer dining tables?

The shape and design of rugs to match the dining table

The general rule when furnishing a dining room is that the carpet and the table should have the same shape. A large rectangular table will be emphasised by an equally large rectangular carpet, while an oval table will be matched by an oval carpet and so on. However, when you decide to include design patterns in your home, you can also decide to break the rules and combine tables and rugs of different shapes.

When deciding on the size and shape of the rug, there are only a couple of constraints to bear in mind: the overall size of the room, which determines the maximum space that can be occupied by the rug, and the space occupied by the table and chairs, to which must be added the extra centimetres occupied by the extendable parts of the table. Adding about 60 centimetres per side to the size of the table gives the minimum size that the carpet should have. When choosing the perfect luxury carpet for your home, you can make any intermediate choice between these two sizes, using rugs with irregular shapes, contemporary designs or custom-made rugs.

To find the right carpet design, you should also consider how the room is usually used. If the dining table is located in a large open space that includes the kitchen, the functional and practical aspects of the room cannot be underestimated when finding the right balance between carpet and table. On the other hand, if you are decorating a living room, the focus will be more on elegance.

How to combine luxury rugs and designer dining tables?

What combinations work between luxury rugs and designer tables?

The look of the luxury carpet must be in harmony with the look of the table and the overall style of the dining room. Designer tables with unusual shapes and materials can be balanced with rugs in neutral colours and simple patterns. On the other hand, design tables with clean lines can go well with more original and sophisticated rugs.

A dining table with a wooden frame can be enhanced by contrasting it with a contemporary luxury rug. A table in which glass or metal are the predominant materials, on the other hand, can stand out if it is combined with an oriental-looking carpet or if it is combined with an irregularly shaped carpet. Ceramic tables perhaps offer the greatest freedom of expression: they can be combined with patchwork, Berber or unusually designed rugs.

When you want to achieve a unique result, you can also decide to ask for a made-to-measure luxury carpet, which will be designed according to the characteristics of your home and specially conceived to enhance the lines of the designer table. Also in this case, the possible combinations are many.

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