How to clean luxury viscose rugs

Luxury rugs Jan 02.2022

How to clean luxury viscose rugs

High-quality viscose rugs are an alternative to luxury silk rugs. Those who choose a viscose rug do so in order to have a soft and shiny rug in their home that is less delicate than silk. When cleaning luxury viscose rugs, the same care should be taken as with more delicate rugs. This is to ensure that dust and allergens are removed without damaging the fibres.

What you need to know about viscose rugs (and how to clean them)

Viscose is a yarn made from cellulose. It is reminiscent of silk in its softness and lustre. This is why it is often chosen for the production of luxury rugs by those who cannot or do not want to use the silk alternative. The yarn is obtained by treating cellulose from wood with caustic soda. To obtain viscose, wood from various trees is used. For example, bamboo, eucalyptus or banana viscose can be found in rug production.

The yarn obtained from this process is thin and not particularly strong. For this reason, viscose rugs should be placed in areas of the house where there is little traffic, and stairs, the entrance hall or living room should not be furnished with such a rug. Before thinking about cleaning them, it is important to think about their placement in the home.

As well as being delicate, viscose is a hygroscopic material. This means that it attracts and absorbs moisture. To avoid damaging the most luxurious models, it is a good idea to make sure that the room in the house where they are placed is dry. Apart from cleaning, care should also be taken to ensure that there is no risk of the rug coming into contact with water.

The bedrooms, including the guest room, are the best place in the house to put luxury viscose rugs. The softness of the fabric ensures a high level of comfort, even when walking barefoot. In addition, the dramatic effect of the combination of material and colour gives the room a refined and elegant look. Finally, viscose rugs generally get less dirty in those environments, which makes cleaning easier.

Some cleaning tips for viscose rugs

The first recommendation when cleaning a viscose rug is to plan regular cleaning of the rug. You can use a hoover with a gentle brush or a broom with soft bristles. Viscose is a thin and not very strong fibre, which may be damaged if it is treated with rough brushes.

Another aspect to consider is the direction in which the fibres are arranged. For effective cleaning and to maintain the beauty of the rug over time, it is important to clean the rug in the same direction as the fibres.

If the viscose rug has fringes at the ends, extra care must be taken when cleaning. When vacuuming, the power should be kept to a minimum to avoid stressing the fibres, which may eventually break down and tear. To avoid this risk, using a gentle broom is a good way to remove surface dust and keep the rug clean.

Because the rug is a delicate fibre, it is best not to use a vacuum cleaner or shake the viscose rug vigorously. For a more thorough cleaning, a professional cleaning system is the best solution. The frequency with which you should have your rug professionally cleaned is about once a year.

How to clean luxury viscose rugs

How to wash a stained luxury viscose rug?

If the rug becomes stained due to spilled coffee, wine, oil or other substances, it is essential to clean it promptly. How? All stains should be blotted with a cloth or blotting paper, taking care not to enlarge the stain and not to rub hard. Any spots can be treated with a solution of water and vinegar or water and a mild detergent. After cleaning, it is important to allow the rug to dry thoroughly.

Vinegar, at the rate of one glass per half litre of water, is a good aid for deep cleaning rugs, even if there are no stains. The vinegar-water solution helps to remove dust trapped between the fibres and neutralises odours.

In the case of more stubborn stains, the best way to clean rugs is to hire professionals who can use special detergents without the risk of damaging the rug beyond repair.

Establishing a cleaning routine and entrusting your rug to the care of professionals on a regular basis is extremely important to maintain the beauty of your rug, to prevent damage and to slow down the natural yellowing process that can affect viscose fibres.

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