How to choose the right luxury hallway rug

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How to choose the right luxury hallway rugThe corridor is a space in the home that often takes a back seat in interior design projects. The focus is more on the rooms of the house, defining every detail of the furniture and decoration, and the corridors are not given due prominence. However, because they connect the different rooms in the house, corridors can take centre stage and complement the decor in an ideal way. Here’s how to choose the perfect carpets to enhance your hallways and give them a unique touch.

What is the ideal hallway rug?

It’s a bit of a challenge for architects and interior designers to furnish the hallways with a luxurious carpet. A hallway is a transitional space, where people pass through to get from one room to another in the house.

This particular nature of the space must be taken into account when choosing luxury carpets for the corridors of your home. In order to choose the right carpet, one must also consider the context of the corridor.

The corridor that connects the living room with the bedrooms, for example, can be used to create continuity between the different styles in the house. If the living room is furnished in a classic style and the bedrooms are furnished in an ethnic style, choosing a Berber carpet for the corridor is a trait d’union between the two environments. If eclectic and industrial styles prevail in the home, you could instead opt for a modern style rug, to create a stylistic and visual coherence and have a certain chromatic and graphic continuity in the home.

A balance of light and colour

The process of choosing a carpet for the hallway is slightly different from the process of choosing a carpet for the other rooms in the house. The reason for this difference is simple: whereas in other rooms the carpet is supported by the presence of furniture and decoration, in corridors the carpet chosen must be able to create a perfect balance with the floor and wall colour.

In order to find the perfect carpet for the corridors of your home, you should also consider the brightness of the room. A corridor that receives little natural light can be balanced with a light and bright carpet, while a well-lit corridor allows you to choose both light and more intense colours.

The colour of the floor also influences the choice of carpet. If a dark parquet floor has been laid, for example, it is preferable to opt for light-coloured carpets so as not to make the room too heavy and not to enhance the design of the carpet and the colour of the floor. On the other hand, on a light-coloured floor, such as a marble or granite carpet, carpets with intense colours will stand out.

Rugs made to last

The ideal hallway carpet has a shape that matches that of the space to be furnished. In most cases the carpet is narrow and long and is placed along the entire length of the corridor. If the corridor has a circular shape, a round carpet should be placed in the middle of the space. It is not advisable to choose carpets with unusual shapes: since the corridor serves as a passage from one room to another, the carpet serves visually to accompany the movement and it is good to keep the same shape of the space.

To decide on the size of the carpet, measure the size of the corridor and subtract about 30 centimetres for each side, making sure that there is enough space to open and close the doors facing the corridor.

For this area of the house it is important to choose durable and long-lasting luxury carpets. The carpet tends to wear out quickly when being walked on, and it is best to choose wool carpets with a high knot density. As well as making the carpet more durable, the density of the knots also makes the carpet easier to clean.

Furnishing the corridors of your home with luxury carpets creates a visual connection between the different rooms and increases the coherence of the interior design. The most natural choice is to opt for runners that cover the entire area of the corridor. Alternatively, you can choose custom-made carpets or select small carpets that can be used individually or in sequence to highlight one or more areas of the corridor.

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