Custom rugs to renovate the bedroom: which ones to choose and why

custom rugs Feb 20.2022

Custom rugs to renovate the bedroom: which ones to choose and why

Both interior design professionals and simple interior design enthusiasts recognize that carpets have a great ability to change the appearance of a room. It happens so because luxury carpets, especially when they are customized, emphasize or hide certain features of the space or furniture.

The bedroom is no exception to the rule. In fact, even in this room, to renew the design of the room, it can often be enough to intervene by changing the present carpets with custom pieces.

Changing the shape of the carpet to change the look of the room

In most cases, when you choose to furnish the bedroom with a carpet, the choice falls on a large rectangular artifact, which is placed under the bed and extends to the sides of the bed, including the area occupied by the bedside tables.

Replacing these large rectangular rugs with design solutions that depart from tradition can be the winning choice. Aiming for a round rug or an oval one is a choice that conveys a less angular and rigorous approach to interior design and, perhaps, also a welcoming character approach from those who live in the house.

Replacing the large format rug with scatter rugs, to be paired with another rug to be placed at the foot of the bed or in another area of the room, is another option to consider. This configuration leaves more freedom of choice, because it allows you to include in the room a set consisting of more than one carpet, matching each other or different from each other.

You can also decide to renew the decor of the bedroom by resorting to solutions that use overlapping rugs. The layer look is a trend that is quite successful and, in the bedroom, allows you to create very harmonious compositions, which enhance the role of the materials or patterns of the carpets chosen.

Custom rugs to renovate the bedroom: which ones to choose and why

Change the layout to find a new balance between the carpet and the room

Moving or changing the usual position of the carpets can be a simple intervention to do, but of great scenic impact. Before intervening in this sense, however, you must remember that, in the bedroom, the carpet performs both a decorative and a practical function. For this reason, it is used at the sides or at the foot of the bed, that is, in the areas of the room where you walk more, even barefoot.

Therefore, in order to understand what is the ideal position of the luxury carpet, it is necessary to assess how you move within the room and consequently identify the best position for the artifact. If it is practically a must to place at least two bedside rugs at the sides of the bed, it might be a good idea to place the rug near the desk or near the window, perhaps creating a small relaxing corner in combination with an armchair.

An alternative always valid to be considered whenever you decide to change the furniture of a room provides for the installation of a custom rug on the wall. In this case, the goal is to bring out the design of the fine carpet and make the most of the uniqueness of the project and design. Using a rug as a painting is also a good idea to emphasize the artistic content of the rugs.

Custom rugs to renovate the bedroom: which ones to choose and why

Change the colors and patterns to breathe a new air

Thanks to custom rugs, you can dramatically change the look of your bedroom. Whether it’s the master bedroom, the children’s room or the guest room, choosing a thoughtfully designed or innovative rug can give a new look to virtually any room.

By adjusting the temperature and intensity of the colors and selecting the right patterns for the individual room, you can create a truly unique decor that reflects exactly the features you want to give it. Being able to decide on every detail of custom rugs is a huge advantage in this regard.

Depending on the result you want to achieve, you can then mix materials, colors and patterns, resulting in a creation that is always unique and original. In a custom project, you can resort to classic hand-knotted wool carpets. At the same time, you can decide to opt for an eco-friendly rug made of vegetable fibers. The latter are also artifacts that can be customized with complete success.

If the decor of the bedroom is faithful to the tradition, you can instead focus on a rug with equally traditional patterns, as are those of the oriental school. Or you can choose the simple geometric patterns, which use stripes and patterns repeated throughout the surface. In more transgressive bedrooms, you can opt instead for rugs with more intense colors and abstract design. Bright colors and soft shapes are also prominent in children’s bedroom rugs. Here, bespoke rugs should reflect the energy and drive of the little ones, without neglecting the ability of the items to communicate warmth, openness and joviality.

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