How to choose the right luxury rugs for a penthouse apartment

Luxury rugs May 23.2021

How to choose the right luxury rugs for a penthouse apartment

With large windows, lots of light and plenty of outdoor space, a penthouse is an attractive living space. When it comes to choosing the right carpets for a penthouse, it’s important to take these features into account in order to bring out the home’s strengths and create an ambience that is as welcoming as possible.

A penthouse to live in 365 days a year

Of all the possible types of home, the penthouse is one of the most exclusive. Due to the fact that it is located on the top floor of the building, it often offers a panoramic view of the surroundings, which increases the value of the home. It also provides more privacy and is an ideal solution for those who like privacy and intimacy.

The penthouse is also particularly popular because it has features that make it unique. Unlike attics, penthouses have the same ceiling height as a normal flat. However, compared to a flat, a penthouse has a lot of outdoor space, which increases the possibilities of using the space.

In spring and summer, the terrace is the star of the evening, while during the day you can relax indoors with air conditioning. In the cold months, of course, most days are spent indoors, but if you opt for a heated outdoor area, you can organise dinners and parties in the company of friends and make use of the outdoor space all year round.

Which carpets to choose when furnishing an attic

In most cases, modern furniture and decorations are chosen for a penthouse. Choosing to live in a penthouse instead of a classic flat or villa is more appealing to young people with a contemporary taste, who prefer a style for their home that is consistent with their attitude.

One of the trends that has become established over the years is to design penthouses as open spaces. Knocking down the walls separating the different rooms in the house allows the best possible use of the brightness of the spaces. Penthouses are usually exposed on more than one side, allowing plenty of natural light throughout the day.

All these parameters need to be taken into account when choosing the right carpets for an attic. The dominant colours of the house, the structure of the house, the furnishing style chosen and also the brightness of the space all influence the choice and determine the criteria to be followed in order to find the best carpets for each project.

Contemporary carpets with an abstract design can be used in an attic with an eclectic, open-plan layout. In this type of space, the contrast between the well-defined lines of large rectangular carpets and the vibrancy of original colours and patterns can be played with. To bring out the light in the room you can also decide to furnish with a silk carpet or a carpet made of mixed fibres of wool and silk. When the light hits it, the surface of the carpet lights up and, depending on the angle and amount of light at the time of day, gives a constantly changing effect.

In both open-plan attics and apartment-like structures, the use of carpets helps to give a precise character to the different rooms and also creates a distinction between the living and sleeping areas.

While in the living room it is important to ensure that the style of the carpets is consistent with that of the furniture and the colours used for the walls and decorations, in the night area the priority should be to choose carpets that warm the atmosphere, choosing relaxing shades of colour.

Carpets for the terrace should be chosen with equal care. The outdoor area of the house can be divided into different zones, which can be used for various outdoor activities, with family or friends. For example, you can provide a small area where you can place a table and chairs, to be used for breakfast outside or to relax outside. In another area of the terrace you can create a covered space that can be used throughout the year for parties and meetings with guests. For the outside area of the house, wool carpets are the ideal choice. This material gives the space a cosy, homely atmosphere and is also resistant to temperature fluctuations and humidity.

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