Customized rugs for the house in the mountains: guide to choosing the ideal solution

custom rugs Apr 25.2022

Customized rugs for the house in the mountains: guide to choosing the ideal solution

Whether you use your home in the mountains for the winter vacations or to enjoy the cool temperatures during the summer months, it makes no difference: furnishing the spaces of the house with custom-made carpets increases its comfort and helps to define a personalized and well-kept space.

But how to choose the right custom rugs to enhance the qualities of a mountain home? Let’s find out together in this article.

How to furnish a mountain home with the right custom rugs?

When furnishing a house in the mountains, you have to keep in mind that these are often environments that have different characteristics than those of a house in the city or a house at the beach. The volumes of the rooms are different, but also their conformation and the materials with which the building was constructed.

In the typical huts and traditional chalets, wood and exposed stone are a constant. Wood is used for the beams and, often, for the floors and wall coverings. In some homes, at least a portion of the exterior stone walls are left bare so that the beauty of the stones that were used can be seen and appreciated. In the construction of mountain homes, materials found in the vicinity are usually used, so the colors of the wood and rocks can change from area to area.

What all mountain houses have in common, from the smallest to the most spacious, is the warm and welcoming atmosphere inside. Furnishings, and even more so luxury carpets, should be chosen to reinforce these feelings, preferring materials and colors that are more compatible with the mountain environment.

Compared to a city house, in the furnishing of a chalet or a mountain cabin are used less carpets, focusing mainly on the living room and bedroom. Such a solution allows you to make targeted choices and furnish with custom rugs made specifically for that space.

Which custom rugs to choose for a truly stunning result?

For custom rugs intended for a mountain home, wool is used almost exclusively. Furnishing your living area or bedroom with a luxury wool rug means moving into a cozy space and enjoying the insulating properties of this material. Especially in high mountains, wool becomes a must-have material if you want warmer temperatures in winter and cooler temperatures in summer. In addition, the versatility of wool allows you to create custom rugs of all shapes and sizes, even with elaborate designs.

It is precisely the designs on the rug that are the most important aspect to focus on. The choice between minimalist design rugs, rugs reminiscent of oriental rugs and contemporary rugs essentially depends on the style that you have given to the house. In a mountain chalet furnished with classic furniture, you can put a custom oriental rug or a model with a contemporary design, if you want to balance tradition and modernity. A luxury striped rug may be the right choice if vintage pieces are present in the mountain home’s d├ęcor, while geometric patterns and solid-color artifacts are such versatile solutions that they can fit on paper all styles.

Customized rugs for the house in the mountains: guide to choosing the ideal solution

Why opting for custom rugs is the right choice for a mountain home?

Often, when you decide to furnish a mountain home with a standard size rug, the result is not optimal. The reason for this flop lies in the fact that the shape and appearance of the rooms in a mountain house can take away the effectiveness of carpets, which are designed and conceived to furnish city houses. However, the latter have substantially different characteristics.

Fortunately, the solution exists and it is simple: choosing to have a custom rug made allows you to take into account the unique characteristics of each home, so you get a rug that blends perfectly with the space. It makes no difference whether it’s the living room in which to welcome guests or the bedroom.

When designing a custom rug for a mountain house, it is necessary to consider both the volumes of the room, that is, the width and height of the room, and the presence of other elements such as fireplaces, large windows or stairs.

The irregularity of the walls can be rebalanced with the use of a luxury carpet of circular format or indulged with the use of a carpet with an unusual shape. If the house has a panoramic window, you can decide to furnish the room with a carpet in light colors, which helps to spread the light inside the room. Alternatively, you can choose a design with warm and saturated colors, which is capable of becoming the real highlight of the decor.

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