How does the time it takes to make a custom rug vary depending on the complexity of the pattern?

Materials and techniques Dec 30.2022
 time it takes to make a custom rug

What is the time it takes to make a custom rug ? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Today we will give you the answer to this question. In fact, we will go even further: we will explain how the time variable and the quality variable are inextricably linked when it comes to luxury carpets.

Indeed, anyone who wants a customised carpet must be aware of the time it takes to complete the job. Depending on the characteristics of the chosen model, the creation of a customised carpet can take up to more than a year. Such a long wait, however, ensures a truly unique product that is capable of making any room truly special.

What factors influence the time it takes to make a custom rug?

All handmade carpets are unique pieces, which are obtained through careful craftsmanship. This is even more true for custom-made items, which are made to a specific customer design. The time needed to complete the work and to arrive at the delivery of the final product varies from piece to piece, depending on the characteristics chosen for the individual carpet.

One of the elements that most influences the amount of time it takes to obtain a customised carpet is the processing technique chosen. Generally, the carpets that take the longest are hand-knotted carpets, as they are more complex to make than tafted or woven carpets.

For large models or those with a complex design, the work may take more than a year and may involve more than one craftsman. The craftsmen have the task of knotting the yarn, creating a dense weft, which reproduces the design imagined by the customer.

Depending on the material used for the carpet, the processing time can vary substantially. In particular, if a thick yarn is used, the processing time will be slimmer, whereas if a very thin yarn is used, as in the case of fine wools or silk, the time will be longer and the difficulty of processing will increase.

One thing is therefore clear: the time it takes to make a custom rug is a direct function of the carpet’s pattern and the craftsmanship involved. But there is also something else worth mentioning.

What do you need to know in order to make an informed choice of a fine custom-made carpet?

When asking about the time it takes to make a custom rug, one should not limit oneself to considering the processing time of the artefact, i.e. the time needed to knot or weave its yarn. Rather, one should consider the entire time span between the moment when the custom-made piece is ordered and the moment when the final product is delivered.

This process can be lengthy because of the need to dye the yarn in custom colours or because time is needed for the carpet to dry after it has been washed to remove any yarn residue or manufacturing waste.

If one decides to furnish a room in the home with a custom-made carpet, it is important to bear in mind that every aspect of the artefact affects the time required to deliver a finished, ready-to-use product. Defining the dimensions of the carpet is one of the first decisions to be made. The processing time is usually directly proportional to the size of the piece, but in order to find the right pattern for your home, rather than worrying about the time it takes to create the custom-made carpet, it is a good idea to make sure that the size and shape of the piece is the perfect fit for the space.

Other aspects you should pay attention to? These are the decorative patterns, the colour palette and the texture chosen for the carpet. For all these aspects, it is necessary to bear in mind that the more complex the pattern to be customised, the longer the time required to complete the work.

 time it takes to make a custom rug

What are the advantages of furnishing with a customised carpet?

The time it takes to make a custom rug can therefore be substantial. Typically, it can vary from a few weeks to up to a year. However, although the wait can be long in some cases, there is no doubt that receiving a made-to-measure carpet at home has its advantages.

Indeed, furnishing with a customised carpet allows you first and foremost to have a model specifically built to fit into your home environment, enhancing the strengths of the individual room and making its furniture and accessories stand out.

The fact that you can choose the material you want the carpet to be made of is another advantage not to be underestimated. One can rely on the warmth and solidity of wool, choose the simplicity of cotton or the elegance of silk, all depending on one’s personal taste and needs.

Specifically, inserting a custom-made carpet in a room is of great help to those who are looking for a furnishing solution that is capable of giving harmony and colour to the space, so as to make it more cosy and comfortable.

Finally, it must be remembered that custom-made luxury carpets are also durable, resist stains and have anti-static properties that prevent the accumulation of dust and lint. Ultimately, the end result is worth the wait and it is definitely worth the time it takes to make a custom rug.

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