Customized rugs for Nordic style furniture

custom rugs Aug 08.2022
Customized rugs for Nordic style furniture

Today we discuss customized rugs for Nordic style furniture. First, we can say that rugs are also a central element in homes furnished in Nordic style.

In such a context, which is characterized by furnishings in which functionality and simplicity are enhanced, one can focus on rugs that blend perfectly with the rest of the furniture or on rugs that have a style in contrast to that of the furniture.

By choosing custom-made rugs, you can personalize the furnishings of your home to the fullest and incorporate models of extremely varied shapes and sizes within the spaces.

What Customized rugs for Nordic style furniture?

Nordic style rooms are characterized by the presence of essential and highly functional furniture, made of few pieces of furniture and even fewer accessories. Carpets are responsible for warming the atmosphere and creating an intimate and convivial environment.

In spaces where Scandinavian furniture rules are faithfully followed, carpets are light in color and have a subdued, delicate design. Colors are light, and in appearance, simple geometric patterns are used or the decorative power of solid-color patterns is exploited.

In Nordic environments, decorating with light-colored rugs is not a fad but a necessity: white or neutral-colored rugs and furniture make rooms in the house appear brighter, even on days when the sky is overcast or when the sun sets early.

When you choose to furnish with custom rugs you have great freedom of action. Custom designs allow you to make rugs in custom sizes and shapes. Of course, you can also define the right colors for each room and add a few details that will make the room unique.

Customized rugs for Nordic style furniture

How to define the characteristics of Customized rugs for Nordic style furniture?

The discussion about the color to be given to the carpets is one of those to be done first. The shades to consider are those that include white, beige, cream, all the way to taupe and gray. The most original and contemporary proposals also include the use of pastel shades, which are great for giving a fresh, youthful look to the room.

The aesthetics of the carpet depends a lot on the design you have chosen to give the pattern. Some of the more traditional patterns include those made with herringbone patterns or simple geometric patterns that repeat throughout the rug. Repeated parallel lines can be used successfully, as well as circles, triangles and curved lines.

Depending on the type of room in the house being decorated, you may decide to go for a rectangular shaped rug, a round rug, or an abstract shape. Respecting the proportions between the dimensions of the rug and those of the room is the basic rule to follow to be sure that the result is harmonious.

When dealing with carpet designers and defining the features of the custom design, details and special features such as bangs or a raised texture can also be added.

Customized rugs for Nordic style furniture

Customized rugs for Nordic style furniture: how to make the right choice?

With Nordic-style furniture, the most natural choice is to complement the furniture with rugs in the same style, but you can also decide to make a different choice. For example, you can furnish with custom-made contemporary art artifacts.

Such a pattern balances the simplicity of Scandinavian furniture and brings a luxurious and exclusive touch to the rooms. Moreover, this kind of choice makes the rug the center of attention and catches the eye even at first glance.

Custom-made contemporary art rugs can complement the decor of a Nordic-style home in all rooms of the house. Collaboration between designers and interior decorators can help identify various proposals for decorating bedrooms, living areas, and exteriors. A custom-sized rug can also be fixed to the wall and used to decorate a wall in the room.

Resorting to Customized rugs for Nordic style furniture is a great help in finding furnishing solutions that are as personalized as possible. Those who want to give the room a very warm and convivial atmosphere can consider long-pile or hand tafted rugs, while those who want to go all out for color and design can request the creation of a custom rug based on their own design.

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