Customized rugs for bedroom: how to customize bedrooms for a restful rest

Jan 06.2022

Customized rugs for bedroom: how to customize bedrooms for a restful rest

Choosing rugs for the bedroom is an important part of the home decorating process. The ideal rugs must be able to guarantee an excellent level of comfort, must be aesthetically beautiful and in line with the style of the room and must also be safe, both in terms of materials and in terms of installation.

The custom-made solution is therefore often the most appropriate for a bedroom that wants to be elegant and unique.

The advantages of custom-made luxury carpets in the bedroom

In the bedroom, the luxury carpet offers indispensable comfort throughout the year. Usually, the carpet is placed on the sides of the bed and you can appreciate its softness and fluffiness every time you go to sleep or when you wake up. The carpet, moreover, has the merit of warming the atmosphere and ensure good thermal insulation of the floor. This means that in winter you will have a pleasant feeling of warmth, while in summer the carpet will be pleasantly cool in contact with your feet.

For maximum comfort, it is important that the custom-made carpet is also safe. The level of safety you need depends on the characteristics of the room, the layout of the rug and the people who frequent the bedroom. Using a non-slip mat or securing the custom rug to the floor is a great way to avoid tripping and falling. If there are pets, children, or the elderly, it’s also worth thinking about the potential risks of using a custom long-pile rug. In these cases, to minimize the likelihood of falls or loss of balance, it may be preferable to choose a short-pile model with a good knot density.

Customized rugs also play an important aesthetic function in the bedroom. The color of the carpet can enhance the style of furniture and accessories in the bedroom and create a harmonious decor.

What kind of rugs for a bedroom?

When furnishing a bedroom, the first choice to make concerns the number of custom rugs to be placed in the room. The most common solution involves the use of a single rug, usually large in size, which is placed under the bed and extends to the sides of the mattress to include the area occupied by the nightstands. In addition to this standard solution, there are several other custom configurations to consider.

Those who don’t like extra-large rugs can opt for a set of rugs that are independent of each other, consisting of two bedside rugs, to be placed on either side of the mattress, and an additional rug, to be placed at the foot of the bed or in another area of the room. These custom sets can be coordinated with each other or can have different styles and colors.

Another solution, versatile and trendy, is to use multiple rugs stacked on top of each other. In this case, you can put a large rug at the foot of the bed and use other custom rugs to visually delimit other areas of the bedroom dedicated to reading or beauty routine, for example.

Those who prefer minimal and essential solutions, on the other hand, can place small rugs in the bedroom near the bedside tables, in the area where you get in and out of bed.

The most common material of bedroom rugs is wool, chosen both for the ease of processing and for its comfort. Wool is also appreciated because it is hypoallergenic and does not require special maintenance.

Customized rugs for bedroom: how to customize bedrooms for a restful rest

The ideal sizes and styles for custom rugs for the bedroom

The perfect size for a rug to be placed in the bedroom should be calculated by taking into account the proportions of the rug in relation to the size of the room and the volume of furniture in the room. This is why customization is so important.

If you want to avoid the appearance of the room is too full of elements, you can opt for luxury rugs of small size or rugs with a shape that conveys an idea of movement and dynamism, such as round rugs, oval or irregular shapes.

Colors also play an important role in defining the look of the bedroom. For the sleeping area of the house, we usually prefer cool colors, which promote rest and tranquility. Blue, green or purple shades are preferred to warm tones such as yellow, orange or red.

Based on the style of furniture chosen for the room you can opt for classic rugs for the bedroom, with a design inspired by the oriental world, or for modern rugs, created ad hoc by contemporary designers and able to enhance in a unique way the characteristics of the environment. Whatever the choice is, the custom-made luxury carpet is, for the bedroom, a solution that gives value, comfort and elegance, making the room the ideal place for a truly restful rest.

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