Customizable rug : how and why customise a rug?

custom rugs Apr 16.2024
Customizable rug

A customizable rug  is often the best solution available to interior designers and decorators looking for a made-to-measure and elegant result.

This type of artefact is especially suitable when one wants to focus on originality or if there are obstacles that prevent a rug with standard characteristics from fitting into the specific location. More generally, a customizable rug  is an investment that should always be considered, thanks to the freedom of choice it provides to those who commission it.

Why choose a customizable rug ?

Although a huge number of ready-made rugs can be found on the market and they come in every size and shape imaginable, opting for a customizable rug  can help you meet your specific needs even better.

By being able to modify every aspect of the artefact, one can in fact obtain a product that is truly made-to-measure and therefore meets exactly what is needed in the furnishing project. As well as improving the overall quality of the interior design, this possibility can speed up the furnishing process and make it easier to achieve one’s goals.

The level of customisation can be minimal or barely noticeable, if, for example, you need a rug with different dimensions and proportions to the classic ones, or it can be more pronounced. The latter is the case, for example, with original rugs that depart from tradition in terms of the materials used, the designs or the shape.

What is certain is that a customizable rug  can help to make the environment as a whole more harmonious. In fact, this kind of artefact can be adapted to every type of environment and every style. Just to give a few examples, a customizable rug  can be placed in a classic space, in a rustic one or in a contemporary one, taking care that the design is in line with the overall atmosphere of the individual room.

When is it advisable to choose one or more customizable rug s?

A customizable rug  is recommended whenever you want the piece to be perfectly coherent with the space and furnishings in which it will be placed. By being able to define the characteristics of the specific model in detail, it is possible to obtain a rug that respects the characteristics of the room, both in terms of size and brightness and atmosphere.

Rugs that can be easily customised are particularly suitable in all cases where traditional designs cannot guarantee a good result. This may be a room with particular dimensions and volumes, for example, or an open space for which one needs a rug that harmonises with the rest of the room. In short, the cases are varied.

If the space is narrow and there are structural elements, such as fireplaces, columns or steps, a rug can be created with a customised shape that fits naturally into the available space.

In other cases, on the other hand, it is a good idea to choose a custom-made rug purely as a matter of design. With custom-made rugs, in fact, it is possible to achieve exactly what you want or imagine. In fact, every element of the textile can be made to measure: not only the size or colour, but also the thickness, pile material, texture and colour combination.

Customizable rug

What results can be achieved by furnishing with customizable rug ?

If you decide to furnish with a customizable rug , you can work on several aspects of the product. Firstly, you can decide to act on its shape and size. In this case, you can obtain a product that fits ideally into the home or commercial space.

Depending on the result you want to achieve, you can decide to make only minor changes to the standard models, or you can choose a more original solution, asking for an abstract-shaped rug , for example.

Another aspect worth thinking about is the design of the individual piece. From this point of view, one can consider creating a rug from one’s own design, photograph or logo, or customising an existing design. One can take inspiration from an existing rug and change its colours, for example, or change the arrangement of the decorative elements. In short, there is complete creative freedom.

In an environment with modern furnishings, one can consider incorporating a customizable rug  that is inspired by ancient oriental patterns. The typical motifs used by Middle Eastern and Turkish populations can be adapted to the classical era and possibly mixed together with more modern decorations, such as geometric or abstract figures.

One last piece of advice before we close this guide. Those who wish to furnish their home with a customisable, designer rug may consider choosing a contemporary art rug . In this case, the products have a very original appearance, which is not infrequently far removed from tradition. Here too: such artefacts can also be made to measure.

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