Custom runner for stairs: a step-by-step guide to choosing them

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Custom runner for stairs

Thanks to custom runner for stairs, it is possible to have a stair covering designed specifically for your home. Specifically, custom-made designs are suitable for staircases of all shapes and sizes and are a perfect solution for any kind of décor.

There are many aspects to consider when defining the characteristics of custom-made runners designed to decorate a staircase. And they all have to do with both the structure of the room and the atmosphere one wants to breathe into the home. Let’s see why in the remainder of this guide.

What characteristics should a custom runner for stairs have?

A custom runner for stairs should ideally be able to bring warmth and elegance to the room and create a safe and cosy space. In addition, depending on how the staircase is laid out and the colours chosen for the carpet, the runner can also become the focal point of the décor.

In order to be able to define the characteristics of the ideal runner for one’s stairs, it is first necessary to study in detail the context in which this type of high-quality carpet will fit. The first thing to do is to study precisely the structure of the staircase. That is, it is necessary to know its shape, dimensions and the materials it is made of. This is essential to define what type of custom-made runner is most suitable.

Taking into account the environment surrounding the staircase is also essential in order to make the right choices. Knowing whether or not the staircase is visible from the entrance, or knowing whether the staircase opens onto the living room or the lounge, helps to understand whether it is necessary to create stylistic coherence between the different spaces in the house. Or whether a different choice should be made, i.e. a break.

Finally, it is also worth evaluating the brightness of the area to be furnished. A staircase located in a dimly lit space will need light-coloured runners with a shiny finish. On the other hand, a staircase flooded with light can also be covered with a dark coloured carpet without any problems.

In short: the choice of custom runner for stairs cannot disregard the careful consideration of a whole series of aesthetic factors and technical details.

Custom runner for stairs

What are the best custom runner for stairs?

custom runner for stairs are the ideal solution to have a luxury carpet that meets exactly what you need, both in terms of size and style.

Indeed, customised designs make it possible to create runners of all shapes and sizes, capable of adapting to the millimetre to curved, straight or multi-flight staircases. The runner can also be L-shaped or T-shaped and cover not only the central space of the steps, but also part of the passageway at the top or foot of the staircase.

The ideal runner, besides having the perfect dimensions, is made of materials and techniques that ensure solidity and durability. The most commonly used material is wool, a yarn that ensures an excellent level of resistance, even in busy environments, and gives the staircase an elegant appearance.

What can be said about the processing techniques used for custom runner for stairs? In most cases, hand knotting is used. This technique creates very compact carpets that are solid and safe for everyday use. An alternative to consider are runners made using the hand-weaving technique. These are thin carpets, which can be successfully used in rooms furnished in a modern style and in staircases with a low to medium level of traffic.

Custom runner for stairs

What styles should be considered for custom runner for stairs ?

The design of custom-made runners intended to cover stairs largely determines the success of the choices made. Specifically, for the stairs you can follow the same style chosen for the rest of the house or go for contrasting styles.

The choice of staircase style depends a lot on the role you want to give this element of the home within the decor. If you want to put it in the foreground, a custom-made runner with a very colourful and original design will be the best solution. On the contrary, if you want to leave the staircase in the background and make the furniture stand out more, you can choose a custom-made runner with a simple geometric pattern in neutral colours.

Runners with a design using geometric patterns, curved lines and oriental-inspired decorations are great when you need to give the room a sense of movement to liven up the space occupied by the staircase.

In a room furnished in a contemporary style and in which there is a staircase with an essential structure, custom-made runners with bright colours and abstract designs can be placed. In such a context, contemporary art carpet designs are perfect, as they give the room a certain personality and colour.

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