What custom rugs to choose to create bright home environments

custom rugs Apr 16.2022

What custom rugs to choose to create bright home environments

Custom carpets can also make a great contribution when the goal is to create bright home environments. Custom rugs can be used to balance out dark furniture, walls or floors, giving the perception of moving into a larger, more welcoming room.

The possible choices vary depending on whether you have to furnish the living area of the house or a bedroom, but the solutions available are different and all to be evaluated carefully.

How to create bright spaces with custom rugs?

When one of the objectives of the interior design project is to create bright and airy home spaces, you can not ignore the presence of a carpet, possibly customized. In such a situation, the size, colors and materials of the fine carpet should be chosen even more carefully than usual, because the artifact must ensure a perfect balance with all other elements in the room.

In the presence of rooms with little natural light or rooms in which floors, furniture or walls are dark, the need arises to balance the tones and to insert an element that brings more light. The luxury carpet is the most suitable element, since with its colors and patterns can revolutionize the way the rooms of the house appear.

To amplify the final effect even more, the custom-made luxury rug can be coordinated with textiles – cushions and curtains in primis – or highlighted with the use of lamps and mirrors. Compared to other pieces of furniture, a custom luxury rug has the advantage of not only making the room appear more spacious and with more light, but also making the room feel cozy and comfortable.

Finding the right custom rug to create a perfect harmony between the different components of the room is not easy, but with the help of experienced interior designers, you can identify custom rugs that are perfect for every room in the house. The models selected will be different for the living area or the sleeping area of the house, but all will allow you to move around in an airy and comfortable space.

What custom rugs to choose to create bright home environments

A great white carpet

The white carpet is a safe solution that is often resorted to when you want to increase the brightness of a room. The reasons why you choose this type of carpet can be different: first of all, it is a versatile and elegant model that fits perfectly in living rooms, living areas and bedrooms. In addition, it can be customized in many different versions, all valid to create a harmonious contrast with the other protagonists of the decor.

Carpets in neutral tones

A white carpet has many advantages, but it can be difficult to clean and may stain. Those who love light colors but fear that white is not the ideal choice for their home can opt for a custom rug in neutral tones. All shades ranging from off-white to taupe give the room an open and spacious feel and can also camouflage the presence of dust or small stains.

Custom rugs with geometric or graphic patterns

Using a rug with a light base and geometric or graphic patterns is another option to consider. A simple pattern such as lines or circles or the repetition of flowers or abstract lines all over the rug gives movement to the room and can be the perfect choice to create a common thread between the rug, curtains or pillows.

What custom rugs to choose to create bright home environments

Personalized rugs in pastel colors create a bright environment

That’s not to say that you can’t use color to . Pastel colored rugs prove that not only is it possible, but also that the result you get is great. A solution of this type, in particular, is great for decorating the bedroom, if you want to give the room a relaxing and delicate atmosphere.

In addition to custom rugs in solid colors, you can also consider rugs made with multiple blocks of color close together or overlapping. Or patterns made using cotton or wool fibers dyed in graduated shades of color.

No rugs seem to fit the room? No problem: with a custom design, you can create luxury rugs that have exactly the features you need. You can reproduce the pattern used on the wallpaper on the carpet, for example, or you can decide to create a pattern of an irregular shape, which can be used to create a refined and characterful environment.

Customization of luxury carpets always offers maximum control over every aspect of the project and allows you to realize the idea of your dream home.

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