Custom made rugs for the walk-in closet

custom rugs Apr 16.2022

Custom made rugs for the walk-in closet

The walk-in closet is more than just a room in which to organize the wardrobe of the whole family. Those who have chosen to include a large walk-in closet in their home can count on a space dedicated to self-care, a corner in which to start and end the day in style.

Furnishing this room poses great challenges to interior designers: the priority must be to ensure maximum functionality and perfect organization, without underestimating the need to move in an elegant and welcoming environment. Using custom rugs to furnish a walk-in closet may be the right solution to make the circle square. 

Which custom-made carpet to choose for a functional and elegant walk-in closet?

When people talk about the benefits brought by a custom rug to interior design, they often refer to the ability of this element to complement the decor of the room. This is especially true in a particular room like the walk-in closet. 

In this room of the house, the protagonists are the solutions chosen to organize clothing, accessories and footwear. In modern walk-in closets, there is more and more recourse to modular systems that allow you to customize the furniture according to the specific needs of each. 

The custom-made carpet has therefore a mainly decorative role and complements the other elements present in the room. But the ideal carpet for the walk-in closet must also be comfortable, since you will often find yourself walking on it barefoot. 

To find the right custom rug for your walk-in closet, you need to start by studying the size and organization of the room. In addition to the size of the room, the brightness of the space and the presence or absence of natural light should also be considered. If the room where the walk-in closet is located has a window, you will need to choose a custom-made carpet that does not risk staining due to sunlight. On the contrary, if the walk-in closet is lit only by artificial lights, you will have to reason around rugs that can make the space feel brighter.

Custom made rugs for the walk-in closet

What do you need to know in order to design a perfect custom made carpet for your walk-in closet?

It is quite common to find walk-in closets of very different sizes. In order to obtain an elegant and classy result, the best solution is to choose a custom-made carpet. Thanks to a custom design, you can enhance this room of the house and you can increase the comfort of those who will use the walk-in closet daily. 

As always, when requesting the realization of a custom rug you must define the basic characteristics of the carpet. The basic choices concern the size, materials, color and design. 

When it comes to size, the choice is essentially between a large rug that covers most of the floor or a smaller rug, to be placed in the space of the cabin where you change or near the mirror.

Most luxury rugs are made of wool, a durable and comfortable material ideal for warming up the atmosphere and making even the most minimal walk-in closets cozy. When choosing the colors and design of the custom rug, you should take into account the size and brightness of the space, as well as the style you want to give to the walk-in closet and the type of flooring present.

What are the best custom rugs for a dream walk-in closet?

In a long and narrow walk-in closet, you can think of including a custom-made runner that covers all the space occupied by the cabinets. On the contrary, if the walk-in closet is carved out of a larger room with a square or rectangular shape, it is advisable to design a larger custom-made luxury rug with a standard or original shape. 

When furnishing a walk-in closet, you must pay close attention to ensure good brightness of the space. Therefore, when choosing furniture and furnishings, you tend to prefer light colors and neutral tones. Rugs are no exception. 

The walk-in closet can be made more original and elegant with a large custom-made carpet in a neutral color, choosing an embossed texture or a pattern that uses different shades of color to create an eye-catching design. Again, if the goal is to create a walk-in closet with a refined atmosphere, you can add to the carpet canf and designer armchairs. Or mirrors and chandeliers with golden details.   

In a walk-in closet that can count on a lot of natural light, you can make different choices, working on the contrast and balance between light and dark colors. In such a space, you might think of including a darker custom-made carpet, which is able to stand out in relation to the floor, walls and furniture.

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