Custom carpets for the guest room: everything you need to know for a correct choice

custom rugs Aug 27.2022
Custom carpets for the guest room

Carefully choosing Custom carpets for the guest room is essential to create a well-kept decoration, but also to make guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay.

By customising the models, you can precisely define the character to be given to the room, taking into account the type of furniture chosen in the rest of the house or based on the tastes of those who will spend their time in the room.

How to best furnish the guest room with custom-made luxury carpets

The atmosphere that should characterise the guest room is relaxed, cosy and inviting. To achieve this, high-quality carpets prove decisive. It makes no difference whether they are visiting family members or distant friends who have taken advantage of a holiday or holiday to spend time with friends: the space reserved for them should be cosy and comfortable, so that they feel pampered and comfortable every moment.

Custom carpets for the guest room have precisely this task: to lend a big hand to anyone who wants to create a warm and cosy ambience in their home. Just choose a luxury carpet made of materials such as wool or cotton to warm up the atmosphere and provide a comfortable space in which to walk barefoot.

The versatility of custom-made carpets and the possibility of being able to customise every aspect of them helps achieve results that suit every style and every type of guest. For example, you can opt for a carpet with an oriental style or in neutral colours if your guests have more traditional tastes. Or you may decide to go for a contemporary art rug in unusual colours and shapes if your friends and family love the genre.

When choosing furnishings for the guest room, one should also take care to select furniture and accessories that are easy to clean, so that the room can be ready in a matter of minutes, even in the case of visits announced shortly in advance. A custom-made luxury carpet made of high-quality materials is the ideal choice in this respect. It is so because the compactness of the fibres prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt. And also because all it takes is a wipe with a hoover to freshen up the appearance of the artefact.

Guide to choosing the best Custom carpets for the guest room

To choose the best possible carpet for your guest room, you need to consider the characteristics of the room and the goals you want to achieve. Besides taking into account the size and shape of the available space, it is also good to consider how much the guest room will be used.

In most cases, these are rooms that are used for only a few weeks a year and on an intermittent basis. This means that customised carpets that are made from delicate materials such as viscose and bamboo or banana silk can also be placed in guest rooms.

The shape of the guest room influences the shape the carpet will have: to ensure a harmonious result, rectangular carpets should be placed in rectangular rooms, but beautiful interior design projects can also be created by commissioning custom-made carpets with irregular shapes or different geometries.

Depending on the look you want to give to the room that will receive guests, you can decide to place a large rug under the bed or bedside rugs on either side of the mattress. Even in this case, the shape of the rug can be chosen quite freely, depending on the style and atmosphere that you want to create.

Which Custom carpets for the guest room is best to focus on?

Choices regarding the shape and materials of carpets are fundamental, but it is often the design chosen for the individual model that makes the difference and creates a truly relaxing and cosy ambience.

High-quality carpets made of natural materials, such as jute or sisal, are excellent solutions for those who wish to have practical and durable artefacts. Alternatively, a custom-made wool or cotton rug in natural tones can be requested. These pieces have the advantage of fitting in well with both traditional and contemporary furnishings. Furthermore, they prove ideal for guests of all ages.

Custom carpets for the guest room can also become the element with which you can add an accent of colour. A few examples? A small round rug in bright colours is perfect to place in front of an armchair or sofa to create a relaxing space. On the other hand, a wall carpet with an abstract decoration can be the winning idea to decorate the guest room in a truly unique and charming way.

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