Contemporary living room rugs: how to choose the most suitable models for the individual furnishing project?

Design Nov 18.2023
Contemporary living room rugs

The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding to furnish the space with contemporary living room rugs is that this room of the house is the one in which, more than any other, there is a perfect balance of comfort and functionality.

When the interior design choices are well thought out, every time you enter a living room you are overwhelmed by a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consequently, contemporary living room rugs  placed in this room have the task of amplifying these feelings.

What are the characteristics of contemporary living room rugs?

Contemporary living room rugs can fulfil several functions at the same time. Depending on the particularities of the space, for example, they can help create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere, but they are also excellent solutions for adding colour, for delimiting a relaxation area, for protecting a very delicate floor or for improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of the room. This is even more true for custom-made models .

Ideal contemporary living room rugs are robust, easy to clean and require no special maintenance. Since the living room is one of the busiest rooms in the house, it is essential to choose a durable material, especially if the carpet is located in a transit area. The best solutions, if you want to furnish with an artefact that is both comfortable and beautiful to look at, are wool and cotton.

The living room carpet should be cleaned daily with a hoover equipped with a brush and should be washed at least once a year by an expert.

It should be considered that contemporary living room rugs go perfectly with furniture with a minimalist and contemporary design. Models with clean lines and simple geometries are the ideal choice for the living room. As far as colours are concerned, neutral or bright shades are preferred, depending on the impression you want to give the room.

Regarding the size of the carpet, on the other hand, it is necessary to consider both the width of the space to be furnished and the location chosen for the specific piece.

Contemporary living room rugs

What needs to be considered when choosing the right contemporary living room rugs for a project?

When it comes to choosing contemporary living room rugs, the most important thing to analyse is the materials from which the different models are made.

To prevent the carpet from becoming stained if food, drink or stains fall on it, you can opt for a model with an elaborate design, as it is better able to camouflage the presence of stains. Another strategy to consider is to choose an artefact with a compact structure. Indeed, a tightly woven pattern reduces the space that dust or dirt can occupy.

Let us continue with our advice. With regard to the choice of colours for contemporary living room rugs, we need to consider the match between the individual product and the furnishings of the specific living room. One of the trendiest colours for modern living room pieces is grey. This colour is offered in both its lighter and darker shades, and is mainly appreciated for its elegant appearance and versatility.

Grey living room carpets fit perfectly into a modern living room, emphasising the elegant lines of the furniture and giving the room a sophisticated, designer feel.

Those who wish to give their living room a more original look can also consider layering carpets. What needs to be done? It is simple: just place a large pile carpet in the room and place a smaller contrasting piece on top of it. In this case, many different combinations can be created by playing with materials and colours.

Contemporary living room rugs

Where to place contemporary living room rugs?

The position chosen for the carpet is of great importance in the overall furnishing scheme. The spaces in the living room where it is most common to place a modern style piece are the sofa area and the dining table area.

In the first case, the textile has the task of warming the atmosphere and conveying a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The carpet, in this type of location, must always be chosen to be in harmony with the sofa and for the materials or colours used.

In the second case, on the other hand, the carpet performs two main functions: on the one hand, it delimits the eating area, and on the other hand, it is functional, because it provides a soft surface on which to place the chairs and table. Furthermore, it prevents the continuous movement of the chairs from scratching or damaging the floor underneath.

Placing one or more modern living room rugs under the table is an excellent furnishing idea also in homes where the dining area and living room share the same space. Choosing a carpet that echoes the style and colours of the kitchen creates an extremely harmonious environment.

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