Bespoke rugs for the beach house

custom rugs May 01.2022

Bespoke rugs for the beach house

When choosing tailor-made rugs for the beach house, you have to keep in mind the particularities of this kind of home.

Often, it is the house where you spend most of the summer period and the destination for holidays and weekends throughout the year. The atmosphere in a beach house should therefore be relaxing and soothing, an environment in which to feel at ease and in which to cultivate one’s well-being. Custom rugs can lend a great hand in the construction of refined and welcoming furnishings.

Which custom-made rug to choose for your beach house?

There are several solutions that can be adopted to best furnish the beach house with luxury rugs. One of the most common choices is to insert a rug in the room which, in design and colors, recalls the marine environment. Among the classic rugs that embellish the houses in which to spend the holidays by the sea, here then appear precious rugs with white and blue stripes in perfect navy style, enriched by drawings of anchors and shells.

Among the motifs related to the world of the sea, starfish and palm trees are also frequent. These are very versatile decorations that can be found in the rugs positioned both in the living area and in the sleeping area of the house, proposed in various shapes and color combinations.

Equally valid is the solution that involves the use of rugs in neutral tones and made with eco-sustainable materials. The bespoke rugs made of plant fibres such as sisal, jute, bamboo silk or cotton fit perfectly into the vaguely tropical atmosphere that characterizes beach houses. Proposed in neutral colours, these precious rugs can furnish the living room in an elegant and sober way. And they are also perfect on terraces and outdoor patios.

Those who want to give their beach house a refined and unique look could also choose bespoke designer rugs. With a personalized design, it is in fact possible to create rugs that express exactly the wishes that the hosts have expressed in terms of furniture.

What materials, styles and colours to choose for bespoke rugs for a beach house?

The ideal rug for a beach house is one that can decorate the rooms, creating a light but sophisticated and long-lasting atmosphere. When evaluating the materials and appearance of the rug, especially if it is customised, it should be considered that seaside locations are often characterised by a humid climate, but also that rugs can come into contact with sand and salt water.

For bespoke rugs to be inserted in a beach house, models with a compact structure and made with durable and easy-to-clean materials should be preferred. A bespoke wool rug is always a valid option, but those who want something different are spoiled for choice. Cotton woven artifacts are one of the best alternatives to wool. The weaving creates a tight weave that prevents sand and dust from penetrating between the fibers and gives the rug a handcrafted and rustic look that is well suited to the coastal environment.

As for the colors, the predominant shades in the artifacts are white and blue, but also gray and neutral colors are perfect for creating elegant but not lavish environments. To add a touch of color, colorful accents can be added here and there, using yellow, fuchsia or green details in the design.

Bespoke rugs for the beach house

All the advantages of custom-made rugs for a beach house

Requesting custom-made rugs to furnish your beach house allows you to give a precise identity to each room in the house and, at the same time, be certain that the choices made are consistent with each other.

With the help of architects and interior designers, it will be possible to identify the best features to furnish each home environment. If in the living area the priority is to have functional and resistant rugs, in the sleeping area the rug must be mainly decorative and recall the most pleasant aspects of the marine environment.

Successfully furnishing a beach house requires commitment and attention. This type of home is often furnished and lived in a more informal way than a house in the city and in the selection of luxury rugs it is important to find the right balance between design and functionality. Using bespoke rugs simplifies the work of interior designers and clients, who can work closely together to find the best solutions to create original environments furnished with high quality products.

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