Artisanal rugs: how are they made? How to combine them in a furnishing project?

Materials and techniques Jul 13.2023
Artisanal rugs

Artisanal rugs are small works of art resulting from the craftsmanship and profound knowledge of the product on the part of the workers.

When observing a carpet, a discerning eye can discern several characteristics that distinguish handcrafted from machine-made models and that make these products unique pieces that can become the added value of home furnishings.

What are the distinguishing features of artisanal rugs?

The first element that characterises handmade carpets is the manual workmanship. This is a laborious and complex process that requires a unique mix of skill, precision and patience.

Depending on the technique chosen to produce a handmade carpet, each thread is carefully woven, woven or knotted to create the selected pattern. Craftsmanship allows for careful attention to every detail, and ensures that an unparalleled level of quality is achieved.

What also makes artisanal rugs unique is the care that goes into the choice of materials to be used. The yarns used for this kind of processing are of the highest quality and very durable, so that rugs can be created that will last.

Natural fibres are generally used to create the highest quality artisanal rugs. Wool is the most common choice: due to the fact that it is soft to the touch and durable, it is well suited to the home environment. Other times these fine types of artefacts are made of silk, cotton or other yarns of vegetable origin, such as hemp, jute or sisal.

Artisanal rugs

The uniqueness of the different models of artisanals rugs is the most distinctive aspect. In fact, the craftsmanship means that each carpet has a unique and unrepeatable design, also thanks to the presence of small imperfections in the workmanship. Any defects in the design or imperfections in the knotting do not represent an element that diminishes the value of the product but, on the contrary, make it even more precious and irreplaceable.

How to decorate with an handmade carpet?

Artisanal rugs are true works of art that, when matched properly with furniture and accessories, add a touch of class and originality to any home environment.

When you choose to furnish with artisanal rugs, you have endless possibilities of expression. The range of designs of these textiles is so wide that the optimum solution can be found for both classic and modern interior design projects.

Depending on the desired result, one can decide to turn the handcrafted carpet into the focal point of the room or use it as a valuable decorative element that can be used to define different spaces within a large room or to add a touch of colour.

Artisanal rugs are also an excellent furnishing solution in all those projects where a natural and eco-friendly interior design is desired. In many cases, handmade carpets are produced in small workshops run by local communities in different countries around the world.

Choosing to furnish your home with a handcrafted carpet can therefore support the local economy and preserve ancient manufacturing techniques.

Artisanal rugs

Where to place artisanal rugs in the home?

The placement of a handmade carpet can greatly influence the overall look and feel of a home. When furnishing with a carpet, it must be kept in mind that each home environment has its own specificities and requires a different approach to find the ideal model.

One of the spaces in the home where a handmade carpet is most suitable is the entrance hall. As this is the space that conveys the first impression of the house to visitors, it is important to choose a handcrafted carpet that will not only welcome guests, but also represent a foretaste of what they will find in the rest of the house.

In the living room, a handcrafted rug with an elegant appearance can be the ideal solution to define the space and give a sense of comfort and style to the room. A model in neutral tones or with an essential design is a good idea for a minimal living room, while a Persian or Berber carpet can emphasise the refined taste of a traditional d├ęcor.

Finally, the idea of harnessing the furnishing power of artisanal rugs in bedrooms can be considered. In these spaces, design takes second place and the most important aspect to consider is comfort. A soft and fluffy handmade carpet, such as a long-pile model, can make the bedroom cosy and relaxing.

Regardless of the location, it is important to consider the quality of the materials and to consider what technique the carpet is made of. When reasoning about different furnishing solutions, it should be taken into account that besides being aesthetically pleasing, a handmade rug can also offer a touch of authenticity and personality to the home.

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