The advantages of choosing a neutral coloured rug for your home

DesignHome Apr 14.2021

The advantages of choosing a neutral coloured rug for your home Choosing furniture in neutral tones is one of the most popular interior design trends of the time. The reason for the success of the colour range from white and dove grey to shades of brown and grey is its versatility and innate elegance.

Soft shades can also warm up a home atmosphere

A rug in neutral tones can be incorporated into the design of any room in the house. Colour palettes of white, beige and grey can be combined with every style of interior design and every other shade of colour. In a way, luxury carpets in neutral tones can be used as a base, to be enhanced with the use of colourful accessories and complements.

In a bedroom, neutral-toned luxury carpets are the optimal choice if there is a need to increase the brightness and perceived space of the room. A large white or beige long-pile carpet conveys warmth and delicacy. Using colourful blankets or curtains gives a touch of colour that livens things up.

In the living room, neutral colours can be used to bring out the beauty of the furniture. If you have chosen designer furniture or made-to-measure furniture for your home, the subtlety of grey or dove grey can enhance the elegance of the furniture. Coloured vases, knick-knacks and pictures hanging on the walls complete the furnishings, bringing colour and creating a harmonious result.

Neutral colours are also excellent in other areas of the house, indoors or outdoors. Particularly in corridors, the entrance area and the walk-in wardrobe, areas of the house where you need comfortable carpets that give movement to the room. In these areas, a piece with a design made of gradual colour nuances or areas of different shades can furnish with style and stand out. To make the carpet stand out even more, a perfect balance can be sought between the colour of the floor and the colour of the walls.

The magical power of neutral colours

Light colours and earthy tones can give you a pleasant feeling of relaxation and tranquillity. This is why choosing luxury carpets in neutral colours for your bedroom is a great solution. Solid-coloured carpets, which can be used at the foot or side of the bed, make the most of this feature. If you’re worried about the result being flat, you can opt for a carpet with a geometric design. Or you can decide for a piece with an abstract shape.

Imagining carpets of different shapes and sizes in the room helps you to better focus your ideas and understand what you really need. Considering the alternative of short-pile and long-pile carpets also helps to narrow down the field and focus on a specific type of carpet. In short, the possibilities are diverse.

Build a tailor-made palette for your home

It’s a bit of a gamble to get a neutral-coloured carpet to take centre stage in your d├ęcor. The secret to achieving this is to make targeted choices and find a balance between the colours in the room, their intensity and the various shades.

If the aim is to convey royalty, combining a grey carpet with black details is a good solution. Combining neutral colours with warmer tones such as orange or red, on the other hand, will liven up the atmosphere of the room.

Combining several neutral tones, such as grey and beige or dove grey and earthy colours, emphasises the elegance and sophistication of the room. Specifically, this combination is ideal when you want to create a comfortable and relaxing room.

The main advantage of carpets in neutral colours is that you can create your own colour scheme. Then there is also the ability to change the layout if necessary or to replace certain elements of the furniture without breaking the overall balance of the room. You can also create seasonal palettes and effortlessly renew the room every season by simply changing the textiles and furnishings. A neutral-coloured carpet goes well with both cooler and warmer tones, allowing you to change the interior whenever you want and without too many constraints.

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