Topographie Imaginaire

Design by Matali Crasset Collection High Design Rugs Informations
  • Size170x240
  • Production areaNepal
  • Materialswool bamboo silk hemp and linen
  • Techniquehandknotted
  • Knottibetan
  • Quality100
  • Pile height4/6/8/10
  • Lead time12/14 weeks
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The topography of an imaginary territory is the theme of this modern carpet in wool, bamboo silk, hemp and linen. A mountainous area is recognisable in the upper part of the piece. In the large lower part is a plain furrowed by watercourses. Throughout the design, trees are represented, joined together in an imaginary network of capillaries. An irregularly shaped carpet that is a tribute to the beauty of nature and a warning to preserve it intact.

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